making a silicone part?

I want to make a mold for a silicone bellows but it is a thin wall. It can be done in this type of mold but the inside has to have a mold also. the walls are about .060 thousands thick ,how would i go about this or am i getting ahead of things?

Paige Russell9 months ago

Hi ray111,

Making a hollow part requires either a more complex three part mold or for more complicated parts with undercuts, rotational molding, neither of which I cover in the class. The shape of your piece will determine which process is necessary to use.

Here's a great instructable on how to make your own inexpensive rotational casting machine for more complex parts with undercuts:

And here's another great instructable on how to make the more complex style of three part mold needed to make hollow parts that have no interior undercuts:

I hope this helps. Good luck with your project!