making a skull with chicken wire?

My grandson has to make a skull for school and we have had chicken wre suggested and we are looking for help

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iPodGuy7 years ago
Yeah, you can do it.  I once had to make a 6-foot giraffe out of chicken wire for an art project.

Cut the chicken wire into little squares, maybe 2 inches or so.  Bend each square how you need it and assemble it like that.  I used copper wire to bind the pieces together.

I've found that by doing it this way, the chicken wire cooperates better.  Good luck.
If you can form the chicken wire into a skull shape, you can go over it with paper mache. I wouldn't use chicken wire though. If you have time, blow up a balloon to the size you want your skull, minus the jaw, cover it completely with paper mache. Once dry, add another layer. once that's dry, use cardboard to form the mouth, and use two halves of a plastic Easter egg (or whatever is handy) for the eye sockets and stick them to the dry paper mache head with masking tape or hot glue. Now cover all of that with two layers of paper mache. Paint white (or off white), and draw the teeth and nose hole.
That's a good idea about the plastic eggs. I'm totally gonna steal that next time I have to make a skull.
If it's a life-sized skull or smaller, chicken wire may not work very well. I've had good luck using aluminum foil covered with paper mache. You just form the foil over your head and face and turn the nose inside-out for the base form, then sculpt details with additonal bits of foil held on with hot glue. Cover the whole thing with paper mache, add final details, and paint. If you're feeling adventurous, detach the jaw before covering, and add teeth cut from balsa wood after the rest is done.
yokozuna7 years ago
Chicken wire is flat, and while it bends, is not overly conducive to smaller round shapes.  I would suggest maybe doing paper mache on an appropriately sized balloon, similar to how this instructable begins.
lemonie7 years ago
Here's what someone else did:


Jayefuu7 years ago