making concepts out of cardboard

I dont have much money but i have some card board, i've made an actual length sword from an anime (just the outline and taped the extra cardboard pieces with tape) and a cartoon character robot arm out of cardboard (this one i made an actual glove-like arm with finger holes that i can actually wear) because i figured this would be a good way to have an idea of how i could make them when i finally get money to buy real materials to make them with real details...
What do you all think bout this? is making concepts out of cardboard a good idea or what other cheap materials can i use to make better concepts?

Cardboard is Perfect.
it can also double up as your final product with some reinforcement and a bit of paint.
Vyger4 years ago
Prototypes. Make a mock up before you commit to a full scale full price version. Architects often will build full miniatures of buildings before they ever break ground or even get approval to build.
ANDY!4 years ago
If making concepts out of cardboard works for you, right on! It's a matter of personal preference, not something where one thing is better than another.