maleable metal and silicon mold?

Can metal that is not in a total liquid state - but maleable be used to make a nugget like product

Paige Russell9 months ago

Hi Theresa,

I'm afraid that I'm not aware of any metal that can be handled in a malleable state.

I'm not sure what your end use for these nuggets is, but if you just need the nuggets to look like metal, I would recommend making a silicone mold of your nugget shape and casting the pieces with Smooth-On's metal powder with Colorcast resin to create the effect of metal.

They also have an epoxy putty that is malleable and may be compatible with the metal powder (check with supplier to be sure).

If you do need the final product to be metal, here are three helpful links on how to do lost wax casting, which is what you would need to do to make actual metal pieces.

I hope this is helpful! Please let me know if you have any more questions.


there are products "metal clay".

ronr443122 months ago

Yes: "metal clay".