microcontroller 8051 seriel interfacing with pc

i want coding of microcontroller seriel interfacing to pc in assemble and c both

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rajece3 years ago
lemonie7 years ago
For doing what?

okwukwe lemonie6 years ago
for transfering data collected with a temperature sensor to a pc through a seriel port
lemonie okwukwe6 years ago

You still want to do this?
Did you follow steve's link?

ashoksharma6 years ago
here is the C language code for interfacing 8051 with pc
Take a very, very good look on the site http://www.8052.com
Some of the leading experts on the processor family hang out there ;-)
DON'T just beg for code, look at the examples and search the forum there. There is even a library of code examples and tutorials.