microcontroller based automatic four way traffic control?

I am given a project of "microcontroller based automatic four way traffic control"
I have no idea where to start it. Can you please guide me about it's diagram and program code?
What are the reqirements for it's hard ware completion ?

I shall be very thank ful to you.

Jawwad Sadiq

Re-design8 years ago
What class is this for?  (So we know which area to overexplain)
And do we get part of the credit?

Is this going to be a scale model or a proposal for an actual traffic situation?
Probably in the same class with <a href="https://www.instructables.com/answers/i-want-the-code-and-circiut-diagram-for-real-time-/">this person</a>. Though if I had to do someone's homework for them I'd rather doit for the "very thankful" person.<br />