microcontroller on arduino board?

I am a newbie to arduino.I 've learnt atmega328 controllers are used on arduino.I am using arduino smd rev3 can someone please label it for me?


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JunezRiyaz1 year ago

I think this may help...

rickharris1 year ago

Label what?

manaswini1317 (author)  rickharris1 year ago

Sorry.Let me make it clear to you.There are 2 kinds of boards out there.One is Arduino PTH and the other one is SMD.While on the PTH boards the Atmega controller 328 is visible,I am unable to find the same controller on SMD board.can you help me with that?


As I already linked to PDF data sheet

This is the SMD board Micro circled.

manaswini1317 (author)  rickharris1 year ago

label the controller on that

Still not making any sense you mean what are the pin outs for the micro?

Google is your best friend there are data sheets out there