millamps vs amps?

I have a mp3 player which uses a 1.5 volt/15 amp AA battery. I would like to use rechargeable battery, but find most are 1.2 volt and 2000 millamps. Would this damage my mp3 p

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AndyGadget5 years ago
I'm not too sure where your 15Amp for the AA battery comes from (possibly MN1500?) but the 2000 milliamps for the rechargeable is actually its capacity of 2000 mAh, which means it could supply 2000mA for one hour, or 1000mA for 2 hours, or 500mA for 4 hours. (Actually it's not quite as simple as that, but you get the idea.)
Your MP3 player will only take the current it needs from this and if it takes (e.g.) 50mA then the battery will last 2000 / 50 = 40 hours or thereabouts.
It's perfectly safe to use 1.2V rechargeables in place of the 1.5V non-rechargeables.
Hey! I want some of those 15 amp AA batteries. Better not let one of those short out in your pocket.
Vyger Re-design5 years ago
Those are the ones they use in the Star Trek phasers, those little hand held deals that can disintegrate aliens.
waynf (author) 5 years ago
This morning I just rechecked the battery and it is an LG AA battery and it definitely says on it 15A 1.5 V This battery came with a Micro BR from Boss and it is a digital 4 Track Recording system with MP3 capability.
I've just had a google around and it appears that '15A' is another possible name for an AA battery, along with the  MN1500, LR6 and E91 I knew about.  Misleading I know, but nothing to do it's current capability.  An alkaline battery like this will have a capacity of anything from 1000mAh to 2500mA, depending on brand / cost.
Just one other thing about rechargeables - The standard ones have a characteristic called 'self discharge' where they will slowly discharge even if they're not being used.  I don't know how often you use the mixer but if it's not often, you don't want to be caught short.
'Eneloop' rechargeables have a much lower self-discharge so would be a better choice.  Alternatively, a set of Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries (3000 mAh) would last absolutely ages.
(BTW, that microBR looks like a brilliant bit of kit.)
waynf (author)  AndyGadget5 years ago
Thanks for your imput. I have noticed also when using rechargeables in my digital camera that they discharge quite rapidly with camera just sitting in its case. Yes, the BR is quite a kit, the recording system itself has more technology in it than the Beatles had in the 60's at Colombia Records. Thanks again.
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