modifying a usb web cam to view images through my telescope on my computer?

I'm looking for a cheap way to view images and the sky through a telescope on my computer or take pics with my digital camera. any ideas? al2009

Dr.Bill8 years ago
I went out and bought one. Check out the ads in astronomy magazines. What you want is cheap enough
lieuwe8 years ago
just stick your webcam to it, you do need to have it in EXACTLY the right spot, or you won't see a thing...
AndyGadget8 years ago
I think you need to look at THIS Instructable.
I've made one and it's pretty good.
yokozuna8 years ago
Depending on the size of the eye piece, you should be able to place the (web)camera next to it, and use something to keep light from getting between the camera and eyepiece (just cover it with a towel or something). It helps if it is dark where the telescope itself is at, then just open the shutter all the way. If you use a regular camera, you'll probably also want to increase your exposure time to allow it to capture more light, and making the stars show up better. This doesn't work very well for the moon, it's close enough and moving fast enough that if you make the exposure time very long it will make the picture blurry. The good news is that the moon generally is a lot brighter and doesn't need nearly as long to get a decent pic.