most large ( i mean VW size) transformers core rapping is what kind of metal?

Found a big tramsformer, with no ID, mostly buried on the river bank.
hoping to cash in if it is cooper

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Rapping is not metal. They are two distinctly different styles.
danelder (author)  RavingMadStudios7 years ago

The transformer looks like any  other transformer with a metal frame around it except this thing must have had been pulled with some heavy equipment. A smaller version of it would be , in an appearance of , a pull behind generator for a jackhammer.It is buried with only one side exposed.
Open that side to see it was a transformer. Took a small sample , it looks like cooper but feels to heavy and when you drop it on concrete it tiings.

Take your sample and heat it with torch until it oxidizes - a brick-red or black scale will form on the outside. Take the oxided metal and drop it into a small bowl filled with enough saturated white vinegar & salt solution to cover the piece. Let it sit until the firescale disappears. Repeat the heating and soaking a few more times. If the solution turns blue-green, the metal is copper, or at least has a high copper content.
Burf7 years ago
A word of caution, most of the older industrial transformers were filled with PCB (Aroclor), a highly toxic poison and a noxious environmental pollutant.  I would say that you would be well served not to try opening the steel container. The results could be disastrous.
NachoMahma Burf7 years ago
.  Geez! PCBs are NOT "highly" toxic. They are long-lived pollutants that tend to bio-accumulate, but they are not all that toxic. Long-term and/or repeated exposure to high levels can cause problems, but short, infrequent exposure to low levels is not lethal.
.  I've (accidentally) consumed at least 2-3 tablepoons of the stuff and literally waded in it.
.  Do not burn the stuff. It produces some really nasty by-products if you don't get it hot enough.
The core is usually copper, or possibly aluminium, the shell is silicon steel.