most simple and smallest way to charge a 6kV capacitor?

Hi again,

I need some ideas on what type of DC-DC or DC-AC converter I can use to convert 9V into 6kV.
the 9V will be a standard 9V battery. The output current doesn't need to be high. It's for charging a 6kV capacitor, and this May take a few seconds.
It doesn't need to be charged in a few milliseconds.

My own suggestions are these:
- DC-DC booster (switching a coil to get high voltage spikes) but these only generate 200V max I think
- DC-AC inverter like those small CCFL inverter circuits
- Flyback - not compact enough
- booster or inverter connected to a marx generator - but also not compact enough
- ...

any other ideas?

It also doesn't matter if the output is AC or DC, I'll just add a HV diode to rectify it. Although, that also takes some space and it has to be Really compact.

I know that converting 9V into 6kV might not sound like a simple thing, at least if I want to do it in one stage, but I've seen videos where people convert the voltage from a 1.5V battery into 4inch sparks. (that was with a marx generator too though).

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iceng5 years ago
Why not do it by Hand ? ! !  .  .  .   A
You might look at a flyback transformer from a small portable crt tv.
For something smaller you could use trigger coils from camera flash boards, but you will need 300 volts and a circuit to drive them. I have gotten a good output by wiring a dozen in parallel. You could power them from one of the camera boards.
If igniting a gas mixture is your intent, then you shouldn't need anything too spectacular. You only need a small short arc.

If this is a potato cannon type application where the gas in is the chamber of a unit held by the user, then the piezo type ignitor used on propane barbeque grills is a good choice. Those types don't even need any batteries.

If you need electronic control, you could get one of those super cheap bug zapper "tennis racket" toys. They have a small PCB inside that generates about 1800V from 3V.
A 9V battery is a pretty poor source to drive a PSU capable of generating 6kV, once losses are taken into account.

There is NOTHING to stop a "flyback" being compact enough for what you want to do.

frollard5 years ago
6kV is a lot for a 9v to pull off; again, since the voltage is ridiculously bigger than the source, the amperage at the source must be big.

What exactly do you want to make and perhaps we can help with a more specific solution. You already have the best answer with the switching booster -- just feed that to a voltage multiplier to get more voltage.