motherboard ?

sir i want to build my own motherboard so can i build with this 5 lessons of class???

if not plzzzz tell me how can i go for this process.....plzzzz sir...

randofo5 months ago

Theoretically, yes. However, you should likely start with something simpler, as that is a very complex project and would be a difficult project to start with.

jatin kodwani (author)  randofo3 months ago

thank you sir.........

JacquesG35 months ago

Hello Jatin,

Randofo's answer is correct, but, as he says, theoretical. You can make a motherboard for a microcontroller, such as the ones used in Arduino or the Espressif ESP family, but motherboards for PC level processors pose additional challenges. First, just because of the number and arrangement of pins of these processors, they will require more than 2 layers - more like 8 or 12, which is very complex and requires the professional version of Eagle CAD. Then, when dealing with GHz signals, you have to be concerned with trace impedance, trace lengths, signal echoes, EMI leaks and other advanced considerations that professional designers take years to learn. Finally, assuming that you have mastered all these disciplines, you will end up with a board that would be quite expensive to build, and, when adding the cost of components, will cost a lot more than a completed PC. I respect your desire to reach this level of expertise, andf do not want to discourage you, but you should be aware that this would not be an easy task. Best of luck in your endeavors.

jatin kodwani (author)  JacquesG33 months ago

thank you sir.......for ur proper guide