motor controller ?

hi i have a motor that i would like to use for a project can you tell me if there is a way i control the speed of the motor and what to use to run it ?

Motor Specs : 180VDC H.P 1.5 ( SEE PIC )

Picture of motor controller ?
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randofo8 months ago

180V is very high, and 1.5HP is a lot of power. Honestly, I am not sure, but my first thought would to be to look at controllers for electric vehicles.

However, most electric car controllers tend to operate at lower voltages:

How many terminals are on the motor? At that scale, not all DC motors are wired the same.

Also, if you want to see a class on controlling very large motors (like you have) please submit it using the form at the bottom of this page.

kiwisniper (author)  randofo8 months ago

It has 3 wires red black and earth

it has 2 large brushes

i can take more pics if need be

kiwisniper (author)  kiwisniper8 months ago

here are some pics

16295470_1844124085837575_644628501_n.jpg17199204_1844124102504240_212992966_n.jpgtread motor.jpg

What is the motor from? Honestly, I have never worked with / encountered such a high voltage DC motor before. I think the motor controllers from the link above should work if you want to run it at about 70V or less.

kiwisniper (author)  randofo8 months ago

i think it came out of a tread mill it was givin to me