movie ideas anyone??

Hi I'm a filmmaker (i work for Stop Motion Pictures) and am really looking for movie ideas because right now I have nothing! I have movie making block. Any idea I choose to use you will be credited. It will probably not be made in a while I'm working on getting my camera and tools. Please share any ideas! Even stupid ones!

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I am assuming that you are not using stop motion for this one. But my idea is to make a recreation of the heist in "Ocean's 11" except instead of a casino, you use Dave & Busters! Or make it into a "21" type movie with counting cards. Since you are a ninth grader, you could do an escape from detention. I would love to do that one! Not that I get detentions at all. (Remember, I'm a geek). Or my second choice would be a huge paintball war and incorporate the opening scenes in "Iron Man" wherein Tony gets kidnaped by terrorists and is forced to build a huge weapon. Since the Instructables community is so smart, they could all relate to him! I certainly hope this helps. Keep making films and you'll get better at preproduction. -M4
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oh well first I have to get my camera..
amakerguy (author)  M4industries5 years ago
hey thanks that helped a lot I might just use that...

Movies suggestions.

I selected this movies because it reminds me entertainment series when I was young. Now I'm 52 years old and still await for a movie similar to this especially since I loved the most. Now nuclear explosions would not throw the moon out of sink with the earth. It would take a body mass of equal size or more, close to the orbiting moon cycle when the moon's rotational to the earth begins to distant away from the earth causing a slinging shout out of orbit. The base is affected by the gravitational pull of the lodged moon while the satellite moves even more from earth. The series of Space 1999, showed the moon leaving into outer space and the are too valuable in place with this seen. I would like if our moon was if our moon was inserted with the rotation of Mars.

Descriptive seen of series.

Space: 1999 is a British science-fiction television series that ran for two seasons and originally aired from 1975 to 1977.[1] In the opening episode, set in September 1999, nuclear waste stored on the Moon's far side (incorrectly called 'the dark side' in the first episode) explodes, knocking the Moon of orbit and sending it, as well as the 311 inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha, hurtling uncontrollably into space. The series was the last production by the partnership of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and was the most expensive series produced for British television up to that time. The first season was co-produced by the British television ITC and the Italian television RAI, while the second season was produced solely by ITC.

I'm stuck how a mass satellite would move the moon from Earth. I think I have it. It isn't a mass object passing the moon, however; the Earth gravitational thrust from Earth. There is a particle Excelerator on Earth that has not been used so far. Suppose the Excelerator sending particle Excelerator mass pulse from Earth to the moon by accident. And other problem to resolve is a power source. The Earth's core can not be a type of power source,not yet. The moon,however has a core as well, but nothing like on Earth but would be a great powerful power source within tolerated temperature. About the "particle Excelerator mass pulse" and "the moon's core are facts.

I don't know if MasoudA1 seen my comment "Oh my GOD! I just read yours and it was GREAT, so good. I thought I was the only movie buff dreamer. But apparently not.


FreddieB8 months ago

I just thought of another idea. A happy cop and family man, named john, comes home one night to find his family dead on the floor of his house, who were killed by this small time mobster. Now, ten years later hes working as a homicide detective for the NYPD who's addicted to alcohol and cigarettes, until one day his boss assigns him to a case of the murder of a big time gangster. As he looks into the case it turns out the murderer of the gangster was also the killer of his family and is now the biggest mob boss in the city, running the criminal underworld. So, john goes rouge from his police department and tries to hunt down his family's killer and find peace and justice but the mob boss sends up an army of criminals from the underworld to stop him. Now john must fight for his life on his bloody and brutal quest for the truth, justice and vengance

I read this and a very strong movie with a great plot!

Hey I would love to make a movie about this! May I have permission?

A genetic engineer creates a hybrid uninteligent living organism that is
part plant and part mammal. In a laboratory, it takes only 8 months to create a
genetically engineered ivory bone from just a seed, water, sunlight and soil.
He teams up with a civil engineering architect and plans to build an entire city
for 5 million people using genetic engineering ivory bone type structure that
requires no human labour at all to build, just genetic engineers and CAD
operators. They also plan to build some artificial snow capped mountains using
similar processes that can create a nessasery river to run through the city in
a remote hot and deserted place. Some people protest and try to sabotage the
operation because of the environmental damage.

DAMM! Yours was dood too.

I was thinking of the plot in this movie. Since the moon has never been claimed. The United States claimed the moon under "manifest destiny". The STAR WARS project still in affected, but moved to the moon. Unlike the Global networking on top of the Earth , society flourished throughout the core of the moon, and networking with all world leaders where the Pentagon relocates.

if you decide to produce it, can I have free tickets?

I would like to enjoy such a movie before I die.

MasoudA117 days ago

Movie Idea: Inside the ring

The world we are live in is not that seems. It is multiverse
world that consist of universes how atoms in our universe are galaxy of tiny
universe and galaxy of our universe is atoms of enormous universe. The time
last differently in this universes; each littler, time goes faster and each
bigger, time goes slower. In each universe are just only one powerful
civilization and each one have a special aspect. This is the world chart that
our upper universe finds out. They are known as their science.

In 2099, Miss physicist (Miss A) and her husband soldier of
US army (Mr. B) goes annual physic conference, middle speech of miss physicist
a spaceship landed on earth. US army surrounds it and seals the place and
direct people of spaceship to pentagon peacefully. The people of spaceship
explain the story that’s they are from upper universe and come to earth because
they need help to protect their universe against their upper universe invasion.
“Why are you selecting the earth” the ministry of defense asked. “Because your
universe build by love also we have a prophecy said someday men who see love
saves us” Their chief answered. “How we can help you?” minister said. “We build
a machine that you can transfer between universes give us an army to defend
ourselves and we give you this machine” Their chief answered. “Why we help
you?” minister said. “If you don’t help us then the earth become the
battlefield and your people will die” Their chief answered. “How can I trust
you?” minister said. “You don’t” Their chief answered.

USA decides to help them and send a team of superheroes,
soldiers and physicists to upper universe and another expedition team to down
universe but they don’t know where setup the machine, “start from your first
nuclear bomb place. It’s the big bang that you make for your tiny universe” the
chief said. They send (Miss A) to down universe and (Mr. B) to upper universe.
The team in upper universe wins the war and the commander of US forces decides
to travel a level up in the world and chastise them. When US forces travel to
this universe kill their lord. The commander and the chief of our upper
universe use the machine inside the lord room and travel a level up to another

The commander sees the down expedition commander and surprise
of the ring shape of the world. “We passed two universes like you, the world
made of six universes” down expedition commander said. The commanders find out
this universe is devil universe and made of black matter and the chief betrayed
them and use them to kill trustworthy lord. “Our special aspect is not science
but it is temptation, the lord aspect is reason, my king devil never let love
and reason allied together.” Chief said and then kills the commander. (Mr. B)
acts like a hero and save his wife and kills chief. “The true prophesy says
I’ll be killed by man of love” the last chief words. At the last shot screen
zoom out and see a ring of a chain in a large desert.

(The first day, when I beheld Thy tress-tip I spake, / Saying:
“End to this chain’s confusion is not.”)Hafez

Writer: Masoud Abdoli E-mail:

A lonely home ebay trader guy in his 40’s who has never had
a relationship before, meets a 34 year old woman using a online dating agency.
The woman has a 17 year old daughter who likes to doll herself up and party, after
a short amount of time, the guy agrees they both can move into his plush home
that he has inherited and lived in all of his life, this is because bailiffs repossess
the woman’s home and forcibly evict both of them. Both the women have gambling
and shopaholic habits. The older woman
wants to move house and live near her demented old mother who keeps falling
over and hurting herself and soiling herself , they persuade the guy to sell
his house and move, down grading and releasing some equity and owning the new
property as joint beneficiaries as a co-habiting couple. Mother moves into the
house giving up her council house and is very difficult to manage. Guy wants to call it a day and end the
relationship, but finds it very difficult to say so, woman does a deed of severance
with the land registry and legally own half the house and refuses to leave. Guy
ends up homeless on the streets.

kwatson141 year ago

I have a idea. So Here is my Idea: So there is this girl named Allie who is 14 and she moves to a new house for the 6th time in 2 years and finds this door in her wall that leads her to a world called Elemento where there is a few kingdoms, they are Ice and snow, water, earth, fire, and lightning. Well the Ice kingdoms queen is called Icea and her daughter is called Ice Storm who makes friends with Allie. Well, Allie meats a friend at the store named Katey and she spends the night. That night on the news there is a 4 car crash and noone survived. That included Katey's mom. So Katey and Allie go through the door and stay at the ice kingdom with Icea. Well, Allie's brother, Kaleb finds the door, goes therough it and gets powers fromt he fire kingdom( forgot to say that Allei and Katey get ice and snow powers) and becomes the new King of the fire kingdom, the enemies of the ice kingdom, and trys to destroy th kingdom and Katey, Allei, Ice Storm, and Icea have to stop him.

and if you do chose to do ti, i would like to be Allie ( becase im 14 like her) and i really like her character and i basically made her from my image.

Hey I know you made this a year ago but I would love to make this movie! Message me back if you can.

I have an idea, but rather mess

Reuben_Robo2 months ago

There is an evil rapist on the loose and he is raping everyone so there is a group of girls who go looking for him but they r 14 and they look for him and then they find a secret lab with an old man who tells them they r the Chosen ones and he gives them A Suit each and it gives them superpowers then they find him and they all have an epic figjt

lenchik20112 months ago

I have an idea for a huge success movie - something very new.

SteveW63 months ago


Go to wikipedia and read the true story of a Japan pilot who landed his plane on the island of Niihau (the forbidden Island) Hawaii after the Pearl Harbor attack. Its a story of capture, deception and untold real Hawaiian heroes and Japanese traitors. Search for Niihau incident in wikipedia. I promise you it will make a great story and its true. You could really make something of it...

a crazy stalker guy uses a computer and photo-shop to make a fictitious wedding photo album where he appears to marry a very attractive girl he is stalking, he finds some random happy wedding photos, then uses photo-shop's cut & paste to substitute his and her faces onto to pictures of a unknown couple that genuinely got married in a plush ceremony. He then approaches the girl he fancies and claims to be a time traveller who has come back two years in time and shows the wedding and honeymoon photos.

nsurgpa424 months ago

Someone should make a big-budget movie based on The Book of Enoch.

hi there

have a nearly completed script for what I think will be a great childrens animated movie

pinky1604 months ago

My movie would be about Satanna the devils daughter, but she is good from the time she is born and after she is a woman. She only did bad things when she had to. She protective her Mother and bug brother. It's a lot more to the story.

A young attractive schizophrenic woman leaves an abusive family in the UK for
a new life in Australia, she arrives on a tourist visa, and lives with a female
flatmate as a lodger and friend. Her application for residence is being refused
by immigration, so she has to find a man to marry her or leave the country. Her
female flat mate friend thinks she can solve the problem if they get a civil
partnership agreement but is too embarrassed to propose such an idea.

How about a true to life story of a woman leaving a pastor and a life of abuse to find herself as a missionary to the streets of morocco and starting a new life with her muslim husband and starting a school for children.

Ok, the film is horror movies about a group of amateur filmmakers
that want make a horror movie in the Australian bush staring a psychopathic
nutter slasher. The nutter slasher starts making the movie but constantly get humiliatedby the director for producing a poor acting performance, so the nutter slasher starts killing the movie production crew in what appears to be real life.

ysser.soultan6 months ago

black facts its greet story if u care send me

ok, the film is called fly on the wall, it is about electronic drone helicopters that have been miniaturised down in size to look just like common fly's and are solar powered. They are used to bug VIP houses.

make a movie about the moorish kingdom, something like king arthur, a true story, you gonna be the first one, gonna be a best sale..

SeanM16 months ago

if ur really looking for a movie call me . 304-914-0055. I don't wanna share it over the internet

Ok the movie is about...

All prisons are
closing down and the inmates are to be released, from now on all criminals face
trial in a public court but they don’t get sent to prison, if convicted they
have to walk the gauntlet outside court and face vigilantes. However, being a vigilante
is a criminal offence and if discovered you lose your driving licence for 3
years, gangs of underground vigilantes are at war with each other.

Ok, the punishment for crime is:, a fine, loose driving
licence, loose passport, and get a order from the court to restrain the
criminal to live in a area local to last crime scene, say about a 1 mile
radius, but it can vary depending on the crime. There is also a no-man’s zone
that extends beyond the restricted zone, and if the criminal goes into that
area, they get they more of the same punishment and a smaller zone to live in.
If they go beyond the no-man’s zone boundary, a court bailiff has the power to
track them down and shoot them dead.

Ok so my idea is there are twins who live with their Mum in a rundown shed, as they are poor. Their Mother is seriously ill and when the doctor finds out they take her children to a children's Home! They run away as the Home is really cruel and try and find their mum in hospital but find that she died whilst having surgery. I haven't really thought about how it could end though...

Have you ever heard a game caled god of war? its really popular, u could do a movie about that. look it up on youtube for more info. im also trying to get an idea 4 a movie.
hey, did u get ur username from warriors, the series? I LOVE those books!!! :)


FreddieB8 months ago

i have a couple ideas for films but this is my first one. A tough detective, living a depressing and lonely life since the loss of his family, is due to retire in a week and move on to a better life. Until he is assigned one last case by his boss, to catch a dangerous and unstable serial killer murdering innocent people on the streets of new York. He then accepts the case but as he becomes closer and closer to hunting down the killer he's putting his own life in danger.

Maybe you should make a movie about two girls. They're young and sisters but they don't know that but their parents do. Suddenly, they find out their sisters, but, all along, the goverment dosen't want them to know that, so, they end up getting into a lot of trouble but, for the finally, they are allowed to be together. I thought that it could say " 70 years later" and it would show two old ladies still together. Please reply so i can see what you think about it.

A man lives with his wealthy step dad and mother, the relationship between step dad and mother is ending, and it looks like a lot of wealth is going to leave the family. Man beats up step dad after he argues with his mother then bashes him over the head with an ornament and kills his step dad.
Step dad was a keen motor biker so the man puts his motor bike and dead step dad on the back of his pickup truck and dumps them both onto a deserted back road at 4.00 am in the morning to make the murder look like a fall-off-bike bike accident.
Cop who investigates works it out a takes a cut of the wealth.

thinking398 months ago

zombie can make some great shows. I have a great ideal for a movie that would be a block buster. People want to know where we came from so this would attract all ages all groups. At the start of the movie have a angelick or ghostly female young voice say (Where did we come from) And then slam the name to the screen of the movie name to the screen(Where did we come from) carved into a hand with blood coming out and the bloody name stays on screen and runs down screen. They say we evolved from oceans so we must still have a few branches of intelligent ancestors in the oceans and a group of searchers finds them and open up a big door ,The people of the ocean are more than 1 category the ones who run the show are the mermaid group they look like humans with webb fingers and webb feet and they created other life forms we humans could have evolved from them or made by them? Then they made other life also ,such as the little greys in ufo ,. The ufo come from the oceans and so do the greys they work for the mermaids ,they are the watchers of the bible and are doing work for the mermaid type people ,of course i would call them something else in the movie. But the movie would be about the big change that the greater beings from ocean are making happen ,so they can replace us with the next step of evolutionary beings to replace us so they can have more control of the world.Think about this ideal to attract many people who are looking for answers and you already have a crowd ready to buy tickets and merchandise from the movie .You can add scene to the movie from bible in genesis like the garden of eden and how they created man and the greys to be our watchers .Plus add stuff from rev last book of bible on how they plan on destroying us .

dencool508 months ago

I have an idea for a great Cartoon movie. Bring back BETTY BOOP and MIGHTY MOUSE, from the 1950's era to make a movie of them together.


A bully senior police officer works at a small police
station, he has a narcissistic personality disorder.

Government tax cuts means that the police station is about
to close.

Houses are being burgled and trashed, sledgehammers and
paint are used to cause the maximum amount of damage, a sheep is butchered in
the house and left to rot while the owners are away on holiday, bags of maggots
from a fishing shop are also left in a trashed house to propagate through the species
life cycle.

Bully police officer leads the investigations and interviews
the victims.

Bully police officer is the one doing the crimes; he has a
multiple personality disorder.

A 20 year old student, Jack, visits a town called ‘hole’ on
his own, he misses the last train home so he goes to the bank to get some money
for a motel but the bank machine swallows bank card, he only has a couple of
bucks in his pocket. Jack then loiters about waiting for a train the following
day, it start to rain so he goes to a bar, he then chats up a very ordinary looking
older woman. She invites him back to her apartment, they have sex, he then
leaves next day to get train while she is asleep.

Exactly 20 years later Jack takes a job in the town ‘hole’,
woman has had a baby boy, john, she has now died, Jack and John’s paths cross
but they don’t know that they are related.

Unmarried Jack is a con artist and cons John and his wife.

John a paramedic, saves Jack life, they find
out that they are both related by a DNA test.

They both put it at the foot of the cross and join a religious

Lee 33312 months ago

A man is for hire, his job is finding young drug addicts, entering their life by faking a chance encounter, use drugs with them, gain their trust, slowly talk them into getting out and then getting clean. He has friends in high places, some of which he rescued. Normally he is hired by the parents to rescue their child from unthinkable crack and meth addictions. He deals with the worst addicts that have no other options.

At some point he falls in love with one of the addicts, then after rescuing her has to tell her the truth, things get crazy then. ........ I guess you guys can fill in the rest.

Lee 333 Lee 33312 months ago

Also, he has to get clean after each rescue which requires great pain and suffering, the pain and suffering grows more as he does this cycle more and more, his body is shutting down. He has a drug of choice (heroin) which makes him not able to function and this is why he only handles crack and meth cases. One point during the movie he can get sucked into that addiction and abandon the rescue, then come back at the last second to save the addict.

Lee 333 Lee 33312 months ago

Eventually he is overcome by this and dies, but that is ok because there are a few people like him and growing.

Greetings: I love comedies (they are so much better then the news these days). While I was thinking of trying on bathing suits and knowing I'm not even going to go there this year I thought of Charlie's Angels . I thought would in it be funny to have 3 fat Charlie's angle's to solve a crime that the skinny Charlie's angle's could never accomplish? (I was thinking of the actress from Mike and Molly on Monday nights CBS. So much humor can come from beautiful, self confident woman who don't even know they have a weight problem/issue, or do they even have one at all? The new Charlie could be a small skinny guy that loves big and beautiful. They all should have really loving mommies who do not address there weight issues and they can all "save the day". You can have a scene on Oprah (just a thought), you could have one fall through a bridge only to have another one save them in the air with some kind of super power etc. I have not thought of a plot about what they are trying to accomplish but I will leave that up to you. Just thought it would be funny. (I hope this will not offend anyone/maybe I'm wrong), but write me back if you think it has potential. I've been having these "pop-up" idea's for years, I just have been either too sick or working too much etc. to get my idea's out there. Thanks for listening. Sincerely, Caroline

I have a movie idea about a man who learns how to remote
control people by ESP and telepathic communication. Firstly he can make a
person scratch his arms, then he learns how to make somebody tie their shoe
laces, then he learns howto make a
woman ask him out on a date, then he remote controls three men into doing armed
bank robbery.

wayne27b1 year ago
Hi my name is Dewayne Brown i have had many ideas for movies or scripts for movies and to me it all depends on whos playing the part.but my idea was for a male black or white whos childhood wasnt the best its starts from him being a child in a foster care were hes abused to the adoption of him and his brother by there legal grandmother who is more than overbearing im sure everyone believes in disceplineing there child but were do u draw the line is it before u make them strip and beat them with an extension cord or after. at about 10 the boy becomes somewhat of a juvenille seeking attention in all the wrong places for this he windes up in a premenant foster home until hes 18 and after that he returns bak to the place were he grew up and throughout the years the only thing he has beeen able to hold on to is the anger hes has stored for years of abuse and or neglect at the age of 25 he finds himself with a child on the way and the starting of his own family his wife knows somewhat of his past but not all the details bu over a time period of 2 years he losses job after job till shes the only one supporting the family through thick and thin she has stuck by his side but a trip to her mothers for christmas seals the deal in her leaving him with nothing left not even a penny to his name he is forced to take extreme measures to recover what he has lost with little hope he begins a journey walking from a small town in georgia to the urban streets of cali were in hopes he will find someone who can tell his story and give him the oppurtunity hes been waiting for al to get bak the love of his life
leslie641 year ago
My idea for you is this, if you can retain the mood of the story and of the main characters as was contained in the The Gun Slinger series by Steven King, I think that would make a really good movie. It would be tough, but if you read the first 3 books of that story you may see what I mean. A dark story and Blain the Train, could be great if done well.
Sorry I didn't realize the type of film's you do, probably would be an impossible task.
jalberson11 year ago
I Have A Movie Idea . and I think it would be a wonderful Film to make .

I would call it .. the friendly confines ...
it's when the cub's won there ever first champion chip game back in 1908 . bring something like that to a big screen . I know there are a lot of cubs fan's all over the world that would love to see something like that .. get to know the real players that won there champion chip run back in 1908 . get the feel of the players that what was going through there minds what they were feeling that day in 1908 of being on the Field . and all the coaches what was going through there minds . and even to even make it more real . is film the movie at the Wrigley Field the day back in 1908 when they won there ever first champion chip .. want to bring this big Film to the world and let the people that loves all over the world to see a cubs movie . that won there ever first champion chip game ever to make it to the big screen ...
Three women share a house on a rough estate, the house is in poor repair, outside the house children set fire to rubbish, partly dismantled cars and refrigerators are in the gardens.
One women ‘ching’ 40 years old works as a carer she is from china, one woman ‘kate’ 25 years old is a beauty therapist, one women ‘kay’ is a solicitor aged 35.
Kay and Kate get on very well and are best friends.
Kay’s mother is dying and kay is about to inherit a family home.
Ching from china is about to move out of the house and the landlord of the house is showing potential tenants around the house, blokes aged in their 30’s come around to view.
Kay does not want a new house mate.
Kay and kate go to a letting company to look for a very nice flat in a nice area, kay wants housemate kate to move in with her.
Letting company manager insists that any property is let out to married families and civil partnership couples only, no same sex sharers unless in a civil partnership.
Kay and kate get a civil partnership agreement, letting company manager comes along to wedding.
Letting company manager changes his mind and does not let flat, another couple move in.
Kay and kate go to live in kays mothers home, kays mother has died.
Twist: kay thanks and rewards the letting company manager for enforcing the civil partnership (kay was a lesbian and could not pop the question)
I worked on the plot a bit more after submitting it here, here is the additional work:-
Three blokes are shown around the house that the three women share; they are all in competition for only one room, the blokes all meet the three women and they find out that they have some common interests and there is a spark. The unscrupulous property owner notices this and then after the viewing he gets the potential tenants to bid against each other for the one room with extortionate rent, a large payments of rent in advance and a 1 year legal tenancy contract. The unscrupulous property owner says that he may shuffle people around different rooms is that ok?.
The twist is; all the girls move out, and all three blokes end up sharing the house together, they don’t know this until they move in, they are all shocked and feel conned because the women are gone!
A final twist is, at a much later date after the closing credits... another civil partnership, because the plot to this story is perpetual.
kjsrocks1 year ago
i think you should do a documentry on dairy farming or technolagy
jcato11 year ago
I like watching sci-fi, action adventure, police, war & historic films. Fantasy films are of also, my taste. My 1st idea today is this: mech commander & starcom battle in the distant future on a planet called quasar in the andromeda galaxy. A young officer of starcom is abducted by an unknown enemy. This enemy then accuses the mech corps of his crime which stirs up confusion & anger. When the star commander learns of
this, he dispatches his wolf squadron to the nearest mech corps outpost starting a 20 year war.
duaw131 year ago
this movie will be about 3 men that was going on a plane to Fiji but went on the wrong plane for sleeping to long at the airport they ended up at Mexico they had no where to go so they pretend to be these other three people named Antoine,Carlos and Cesar because those people were rich but then it ended up those people were chased by ten gangsters trying to kill them they tried to go to Fiji on a plane but they only got far and far from the airport because of the gangsters and the police that thought they were the gansters
bkbk1 year ago
i have a few movie ideas need someone to help putting it on paper not a good speller
make a movie about world war 3
nobody has done anything like that before
then add a twist to the ending
Hi, my name is James and I am a script writer. And I have two movie ideas. One is a script I'm writing at this time, and the other is a remake, but with a better cast. Script already is prepared just need the cast exactly as listed. I have a list of the cast already (There celebrity's) Anything is possible. I know this is a money making idea.
DRJDIZZLER1 year ago
i don't know if you are still looking for ideas but i had a dream that i think could be a half decent movie. the concept is that money has been done away with, instead your currency is in fans or followers and you are entitled to certain items (middle class or higher class) based on how many people know you and/or support you. the main story could be that some celebrity who has everything blows it all because he messes something up and he has to do something extraordinary in order to gain back the financial support of followers. i think this concept plays on the fact that popularity especially on the internet is getting ridiculous and i think this kind of parodies that. also i think this raises question s like can there be piracy? as long as you are supporting a developers cause they are getting what they want, right? it may have a few holes in the idea but its interesting.
and all of that was your dream man ? cool yeah! [Yeah I am that kind of a mocking one]
Roxxstarz1 year ago
One word.... teknoman the movie
tapanga1011 year ago
A girl names cassidy finds out that she has a brother and goes looking for him and finds out its jake hall the famous actor/ singer. So she tries to contact him. After a couple months she finally does and they get to know one another real good.and they head off to california and go through many adventures with the paparazzi, love, loss, and drama. But at the end they still stick together through all of it and become really close.
Resare1 year ago
If anyone actualy reads this and i dont become just another comment like all the rest, then thanks. So my idea is sorta a romantic comedy. Of course in every movie like that you have a chick who gets swept off her feet by some guy and then alot of funny stuff happens and they live happily ever after. So then here is my idea. A lonely early to mid thirtys anti-social woman who lives alone with cats. She spends her days reading romantic books and trying to get noticed or at least go on a date with a guy. Thats when by chance she desides to go someplace and gets run over by the man-er Woman of her dreams dressed in a leather coat and driving 100 miles an hour on her motorbike. Now whats she gunna do...? I havent really given it much thought as its just an idea. But you were looking for ideas so, i guess you could come up with what happens next...thanks for reading. Im glad someone did.
EvilQTip1 year ago
Freedom after Jail.

The movie starts off with a Latino man leaving jail in the desert of California.
His son in a business suit come to pick him up with a nice Cadillac Limo as the other prisoners look on. He looks back at them and then gets into the car.
His son say's to his farther, I know you grew up in a gang ruff and tough but I got and education and made something of myself so you would be proud.
He takes his farther to a beach diner and sits down just to spend time with him, just the two of them together.
He shows his farther what it's like to be rich and educated and have a different life which his farther should have taken. Instead of being in a gang. His son shows him this could have been him. I thought this would be a very good movie
alinrikudo1 year ago
i have an idea for one more twilight movie(the final one who will put an end to the saga) the sequel of breakin dawn part 2,what if a newborn vampire would be created,and he will he will possess the unique gift of changing other vampires(but not himself) back into humans.What do you say?
i would like if such a movie will be made
neilizbad1 year ago
Movie about Earth, Heaven and Hell, you'd be surprise to know where it takes place.
are you still accepting ideas?
beckymon1 year ago
I read this book recently called 'Hollowland' by Amanda Hocking and if anyone else has read the book I know they fell in love with it as much as I did, there is a second book called 'Hollomen' following the same story line but I mean it's just great and I think should have more of a legacy than just 2 books. Please look into the book, its truely a masterpiece and will have your emotions going like a rollercoaster.
ASanner2 years ago
so I just have some ideas of a couple of really good books that I would like to see as a movies: An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott, and The Sword of Truth by Gilbert Morris. I hope you find a good idea for a movie and appreciate the time spent reading my suggestion.
Have you heard of the books by Micheal Grant, I think it would be great to to a movie based on his book called the gone series.
I know that all my friends would really want this book to be made into a movie as its the best book I've ever read.
Dave, a loaner paranoid schizophrenic, keeps seeing ‘thingy’, a devil that does nasty things to people and tells Dave to do things. Dave also sees himself five years in the future, a successful happy career man with a happy family, who works high up at a new green energy company.
Dave keeps meeting up with himself, to find out about a Maxwell’s demon perpetual motion machine that has solved the world energy needs.
The film has lots of hallucination, day dreams, and trips in it.
Though if your looking for something to inspire you email me because I dont want anybody to use any of my ideas exept you.
I know there was a lot of hype about a alive action pokemon movie but what about a live fantasy Pokemon movie. Pokemon fits in way better with fantasy to me than it does a cheezy fan made action film. You could pull it off with people resembling the characters and really good cg animation for the Pokemon characters. Its also an iteresting prospect in the fact that if it works out you could make a sequel. You would no doubt get a large amount of publicity as well. It is a challenge but if pulled off could roll in the cash. It would also be a fun project.
adunn42 years ago
you still looking 'cos i got something this is based on a true story it happened to me awa i went to school when i was 4 with strange things happening to me because i was strange by playing games with my mouth and people called me names 'cos of that i was in a year 7 class i wasn't smart i didnt know how to draw yet why was i in that class 'cos my grandma was the teacher i dragged into my real class later and that made things diffenrt i became a wimp on my next wimp story.
hebby552 years ago
my idea of a movie is a large house with 7 preachers from many faiths and 7 newage people living in the same house and see if there life change
leannek10132 years ago
Are you still looking? I have a book that was just published and am thinking of making it into a movie. Let me know
I like to make your book into a Film posted all over the world
I'll make it into a master peace tell me and I'll direct it
Hey I'm a movie director. So far my movies have been fairly low key in the sense that they are homemade films and my longest movie has been aprox. 45min in running length. I strive for excellence in everything I create and am interested to know what your book is. Please let me know if you are interested. :D
TetrisMarx2 years ago
Since I'm a fan of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button I was thinking of one similar, here it is, it's called The Aliments Of Joseph North.

The film starts with "The Doctor" and his assistant Robert looking through the doctor's papers as he prepares to retire. The Doctor finds one about the patient named Joseph North. As he reads through Joseph's information, he gets a better picture of his life. We find that Joseph was born in 1929 and his parents died soon after. He goes to live with a family friend named Benjamin (just a reference) with his sister Caroline. Nothing is wrong with him until Benjamin has to go on a ship as a job, so can't take care of Joseph and Caroline. The Doctor remembers how he and the other docs at his surgical practice adopted him. He has some side affects though. Against his will, he or a part of his body morphs into something else, e.g. wood or metal. It would be about him struggling through his life, being frozen in time for months at a time, all his relationships failing because of this, until he meets a good friend or a faithful love interest. The government soon finds out about him and they start tracking him down, the friend or wife tells him to hide in the forest, but he soon becomes to in depth with his surroundings. He morphs again, this time into a tree. He stays like this forever, as his friend or wife finds tree Joseph and stays with him. His tree form is permanent and can't be undone.

So whattaya think? I've been thinking of turning it into a novel, but you know. Please make this into a film it's perfect I think but plz credit me , just email me.
Ok dudes,
I want to make a dystopia movie using inspirations from movies such as:
Death race 2000, roller ball, running man, children of men, Logan’s run.
The idea is that the percentage number of males being born for 25 years has been falling and is now at 1 in 10,000 males and the rest of babies are females.
At the age of 21, Games and quiz shows are set up for entertainment and the losers gets killed.
A few lucky males get to do a lot of shagging as the women are desperate.
Syd-Syd2 years ago
In school right now I am making a movie about a magic seal. I sounds stupid but this seal appears in 2 peoples dreams. Evan and Savvy. Very close friends. BiBi (friend of both, expert on the human mind) dosn't know how this can happen to both of them every single night. They go on a quest to find the seal and find out whats going on. Savvy and Evan end up falling in love.

Movie Title(s): Seal Dreams OR Seal Love
Age Group: 10+

~ Syd-Syd
Syd-Syd Syd-Syd2 years ago
PS copyright2013 Syd-Syd
Revenge of the dummies – horror
A guy that works at a car testing facility, crash testing cars with dummies in them all day, one day finds himself in a large city where there are no people and all the dummies and manikins in the retail shops come to life and get their revenge.
Again, episode 1 season 1 Of The Doctor, ROSE
bluebird1452 years ago
a man named dexter colton works in a mall and the mall closes and he brings 5 friends to hangout and steal stuff from the mall ( he is the janitor ) and the maniquins in the mall come to life and the whole movie is about him and his 5 friends trying to survive the terror and live to see daylight ( i am also a director and actor for movies )
the movie would be called ( terror in the night )
THis reminds me of episode one season one of doctor who "rose"
How about a big squabble over inheritance.
Two boys, their dad, and a much younger, new to the scene step mum live on a farm.
Dad dies, with no will, and step mum takes all, the film is about the two boys going from riches to rags, and becoming mentally ill over their loss. Step mum then has a relationship with one of the boy’s friends who moves into the farm.
A murder is made to look like an accident, but it gets witnessed. (A barbeque party in a caravan, to carbon monoxide poison the pair)
The boys get their farm back, but they loose it all again to a blackmailer.
EvilQTip2 years ago
Ok Ok another Movie it's bout 4 women so rich and 1 poor
they go on a show.
Lie detector test is your husband cheating on you!

The four rich women convince their poor fried who has 6 children and is gorgeous build like rock.

So the show begines! If you choose me to be your partner i will give you the rest!
Hi. I Am not trying to be rude, i am giving my personal opinion out of my experience. All ideas are good and unique, but unfortunately there are always certain factors that need to be taken into consideration e.g Production and Market value when selecting a idea for a movie. Time is money

Unfortunately i see no future for this idea at the moment. Maybe in the near future.
Sorrry I type drunk sometimes ..

In my mind and telling this little peice of bread are two diferent things.

THe thing is the friends clearly threw video investigation find out that their husbands have been totally unfaitihful. But not in a terrible way as suspected and video taped.

The last husband who has the 6 children is a huge built good looking baseball star ( The ROck WWF actor used for this) He gets caught going house to house seeing women but the show finds out it's not to cheat but to be a Big Brother part time dad to kids who are poor with no farther. He comes to get them and take them on fun outings which they would never have.
The only thing is he never told his wife He himself grew up without a dad and has been doing this way before the marriage and he thought she wouldn't understand so he just told her he was working.
I think it has potential if done the right way.
EvilQTip2 years ago
Ok Got a great Movie Idea.

Archeology team go into a found lost city that dates back 300,000 years or more.
After finding this incredible find. They discover that man has gone into space and returned back in time and landed back on earth. They find a space suit and remains and a preserved space log with the items and space suit in a cave burial site.
I think this would be a great movie if made right.
Eventually the Secret Government shuts down everything and kills off everyone except 1.
He gets away.
NewDrew2 years ago
Make a movie on the Berlin Conference of 1884. It is a highly significant event that is not mentioned often. I didn't learn about it until after college. It would be sobering, but people would talk about it.
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