movie ideas anyone??

Hi I'm a filmmaker (i work for Stop Motion Pictures) and am really looking for movie ideas because right now I have nothing! I have movie making block. Any idea I choose to use you will be credited. It will probably not be made in a while I'm working on getting my camera and tools. Please share any ideas! Even stupid ones!

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I am assuming that you are not using stop motion for this one. But my idea is to make a recreation of the heist in "Ocean's 11" except instead of a casino, you use Dave & Busters! Or make it into a "21" type movie with counting cards. Since you are a ninth grader, you could do an escape from detention. I would love to do that one! Not that I get detentions at all. (Remember, I'm a geek). Or my second choice would be a huge paintball war and incorporate the opening scenes in "Iron Man" wherein Tony gets kidnaped by terrorists and is forced to build a huge weapon. Since the Instructables community is so smart, they could all relate to him! I certainly hope this helps. Keep making films and you'll get better at preproduction. -M4
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oh well first I have to get my camera..
amakerguy (author)  M4industries8 years ago
hey thanks that helped a lot I might just use that...
NASA land a robot on Saturn's
Moon Enceladus to analyse and collect ice and rock specimens and then send
the specimens back to earth. The robot
appears to malfunction during landing on the planet due to technical failures, later
it is found that the robot has landed without crashing or getting too badly
damaged. The operating system of the robot was changed at the last second to
work around technical issues but nobody at NASA did it. The robot landed in a different
place to target where there is more chance of finding life.The robot does not follow all instructions from NASA
and does its own thing, NASA try to abort and self destruct the robot but it
does not, some samples are returned to earth and are stored in a laboratory. Back
on earth, a mosquito lands on a specimen of Enceladus
then flies out of the laboratory window.A mentally ill recluse gets
bitten by the mosquito and first his personality changes [lawn mower man] then
he metamorphosis’s into a Alien [The Fly]

Mosquito's land on dead aliens that have been shot dead so you can not kill the alien extinct, then the same Mosquito is biting humans creating another second generation of many more aliens after the first one died. Some humans live in a biosphere for protection [The eden project] other people want to get inside the biosphere and try to smash the glass windows.

Mosquito's fly into a old peoples home and bite them given them youth again.

A paraplegic with locked in syndrome gets bitten, he start to metamorphosis, jumps out of his wheel chair and dances around moonwalking.

so the alien reproduces using fly's and metamorphosing another animal into it's self. metamorphosing time is faster each generation so second generation takes only 30 seconds.

Buy me a beer and i'll add some more to the story.

so a dead alien propagates through the food chain and causes all life to metamorphosis even the vultures that eat the dead alien. A spider catches a mozzie that bit the dead alien and whooo a massive mutant spider! The thermodynamic efficiency of food to becoming alien body mass in near 100%. Mozzies don't bite a living alien for some reason.

The end of the world is nigh

There is a bit in the movie where tins of food are auctioned, major chaos [robo cop and has nuke scene].

Anorexic people are the last survivors.

This film is a Mega Block Buster

I've got the start of the film and the ending sorted:


Male scientist turns up for work, a very attractive female colleague adjust his tie and pinches his arse, she then gets an official final written warning disciplinary hearing for sexual harassment by her grumpy female manager.


Both scientists end up alone in the safety of the artificial sealed huge biosphere, grumpy female manager ends up a 10th generation alien outside.

Mosquito bite ends up like this, look at Time = 8:50

Audreck3 months ago

I have a movie Idea that may blow people's mind's. Will you contact me @

MakiahB6 months ago

i think you should do a movie like coraline but a reality looking version instead of animated and it should be called the Beldam based on the other mother i think that will be a great horror film

hi I have an idea what about a movie based apon the game undertale (info on the game in found on YouTube and the Internet)

this is a picture made buy a fan of the game this has a great story plot


Here is the start of a film.

It is the summer, two guys plan to go camping and trekking
with a overnight stop over in the middle of nowhere in a tent. They go to the
shops and buy tins of potatoes and stew and some beers for dinner, and tins of
beans for breakfast. They sort all of
their kit out to minimalism ready for the trip but their drunken flatmate takes
away the tin opener out of their rucksack and does not return it. They start a
long day trekking and near the end of the day pass by a fenced off crop field
signed Defence experimental genetics. They realise that the tin opener is
missing so they decide to go back a short way to the crop field and try to steal some of
the crops they passed having boiled vegetables for dinner, the crops looked
like butternut squashes and courgettes. They cook and eat the vegetables, after
eating the food they have powerful hallucinations and telepathic communication
abilities and the rest of the film is just madness.

JackT471 year ago

Hi! im a filmmaker, a young one, and I am making an awesome movie called "Freecloud" It is about a man named Mike Freecloud who has mutant powers, talking to animals, running fast, and sensing danger. for crimes unknown to the audience, (they are revealed in a prequel called "Badass") he is banished to live in the woods on his own, using his wits to survive. but the antagonists, The Triplets are some evil scientists who have mutant powers as well, are hunting down mutants and killing them, and then taking their DNA to make a powerful mutant breed, and Mike is next on their list. so they sand a cyborg hunter after him(sounds like Terminator, although it isn't) to kill him and retrieve his DNA. but then SSPA (Secret Society Protection Agency) Intervenes and saves him. they then take him to their HQ where the hunter attacks them. they get away and end up in a big battle and kill the hunter, with many casualties. after that there is a sad funeral and after that, the leader of SSPA, Hannah Pixel, stays behind, and reveals a new character, and a plot twist, for the sequel...

Adummwellz JackT4711 months ago

I was wondering if you would let me use your idea for a full feature film, you will get the credit

rdhhdqtrs11 months ago

The Remington's. A movie based on 4 siblings getting together and planning a trip to go and see mom and dad after 15 years, where mom and dad are living in the middle of no where and dads prescription medication just got cut off. I have an Incredible imagination and would love to talk with you. I think we can make a movie that will grasp the hearts of millions as well as show the world about care and comfort of our mother and father. If you feel we have something......please give me a call...407-729-3419

Film Job.

A scruffy man jack buys a newspaper, he then goes to a phone
box in busy china town and phones up jobs advertised in the news paper in the order
they are listed, he is told over the phone the job is gone on each try, 1st
Job is a janitor, 2nd Job is a potato sorter... They are all crap
jobs. He then has his last coin to make
one more phone call, he drops the coin on the floor and the coin rolls along
way down the street into a Chinese shop. Jack goes into the shop to get his
coin and a kid says, ”here sir have a fortune cookie.” The fortune cookie says,
“You will get your dream Job.” Jack then goes back to the call box and phones up the next advert for a photographers
assistant. Jack speaks to a nice
sounding man who agrees he can start straight away and he will collect him from
the call box. Moments later a limousine pulls up and Jack gets into the back of
it with four beautiful model women, he
is told that they travel around the world modelling and making photos. Jack
starts his work with his job, often he is seen to be day dreaming and has to be
shaken out of it. Jack keeps dreaming he is living in a grotty bedsit and is
being evicted by bailiffs. At the end of the film Jack in the daydream is homeless
drinking alcohol with some tramps, a limousine pulls up and the Jack the photographer
with the four beautiful women gets out of the limousine and asks if he can take
some photos here.

[This plot was written in less than five minutes by a partly
drunk person]

Short film

It is the autumn,
two guys Dave and Paul walk down the road,

they are kicking up leaves, Dave is talking about what it is like to be dead

and whether it is possible to become a ghost in a afterlife. They get back to

their apartment continuing the discussion and Dave said, “If i die, the very

next day at exactly 12 noon I the ghost will smash that vase on the mantel

piece into 5 pieces.” They eat lunch together and then go out shopping down

town. There is a bank robbery and Dave is shot dead in the crossfire. The next

day Paul stares at the vase on the mantelpiece and the clock above it on the

wall, it is 12 noon and the vase does not fall off the mantelpiece and smash.

It is a one minute to one o’clock, Paul turns on the radio and the radio
station says, “ coming up the mid day news, don’t forget to turn you clock
back one hour it is now winter time.”

Paul immediately adjust
the wall clock to 12 noon and puts it back on the

wall, it is a few seconds to 12 noon, he realises the time and tremors, seconds
later at exactly 12 noon the clock falls off the wall knocking the vase off the
mantelpiece and the vase smashes into 5 pieces.

A bachelor very wealthy man dies, he has half of his wealth converted
to gold bullion and is buried in the towns local cemetery with the gold, there
is also provision in his last will and testament for a team of paid security guard
to protect the grave. The other half of his wealth is converted into gold
sovereigns and is thrown into shark infested waters.

A sociologist is researching colonising other planets, he
sets up a fake project studying geology in the south pole at 2 remote research centres, one research center does not know the other resarch center exists The south pole research centres are fitted with voyeurism spy cameras, a team of
5 young men and one young woman is sent to one research centre, and 5 young women and one man to the other.

A man stalks a woman he is obsessed with; he has made a last
will and testament leaving every penny he has to her. The man appears to die in
a truck chase accident when the truck he is driving goes over a cliff a catches
fire. Sometime later, the woman claims the estate as a beneficiary, the man then
reappears after she spots him panhandling down town...

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SamuelE371 year ago

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dencool503 years ago

I have an idea for a great Cartoon movie. Bring back BETTY BOOP and MIGHTY MOUSE, from the 1950's era to make a movie of them together.


I support it

TamaraC151 year ago

You should make Fablehaven a movie. I loved the series and I believe the graphics would be out of this world!!!

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RaffB RaffB2 years ago

aLSOs hE is DRugS

RaffB RaffB2 years ago



I think a movie called "Creepypasta The Movie" kida like The Goosebumps movie but scarier


There's these two girls and they met at school one day and became friends and soon to be found out there sisters but there parents and the government didn't want them to know because when there both together they have great power that can be for good or it can be used for evil

That is such a good idea. I love it! You've got one vote. :)

JamesP3741 year ago

The story of JK Rowling (starring Cate Blanchett if available). Broke single mum, depressed and considering suicide (dementors were born from that period of her life).

How far up the ladder can a creative brain take you. Was briefly a billionaire, but has since given so much to charity...

A hit man who is different; he wears prosthetics makeup to
look just like you, he can impersonate your voice and he can provide you with
the perfect alibis, then you can do the job yourself while you look like the man you want to frame.

A doomsday film

A meteor is heading near to earth so they plan to deflect it
safely away with hydrogen bombs. It is discovered at the last minute that the meteor
is made of litium-6, uranium and plutonium at that the meteor its self will go nuclear
with the power of peta tones of TNT when the attempted deflect is done, the
blast wave will change the moon and earth’s own orbit.

bear_karl1 year ago

A remake of Amadeus, but set in the near future, and EDM instead of classical music.

DeKyraH1 year ago

You should make a movie with this book called Evermore, its an extremely good book by Alyson Noel, And it has series like twilight and harry potter. Instant money maker. your welcome lol I also think Chloe Mortez should play "Ever" the main character in the book

A English middle aged bachelor man who has a factory job
loses his mother that he lives with in a small town house, the man has no other
family. He wins a fortune of money on the lottery, he then quits his job, moves
house, and finds himself mentally ill, and at a very loose end in his new
lifestyle. He gets fed up with acquaintances using him as a source of money so he
intends to emigrate to Australia alone with just a backpack, and keep his money
fortune a secret to himself. The man gets lost backpacking alone in the Australia
rainforest for a few days but is rescued by an unknown fellow hiker. The man then gets befriended on bondi beach
by some other English tourists that are gangsters, they steel all of his stuff
after duping him to swim in the sea after drinking a beer and then he lends his
shorts that he is wearing to a member of the gang while he is in the sea. The naked man makes swimming trunks out of sea weed and rubbish floating in the sea, he
is desperate and lost. The same unknown fellow hiker meets him again on the
beach and offers him crisis accommodation in a Christian fellowship, the man
starts a new life in a fellowship and gifts away all his money to the needy and
becomes very happy.

My idea is centered around the idea that veterans hospitals are full of combat veterans all once very skilled and even though we age the skills are still with in us. Someone decides to rob one or possibly running from a crime and runs into this Veterans hospital. Now there would have to be a group of the bad guys to make this work. Then use your imagination to take the idea further. Green Berets, Navy Seals, Force Recon Marines, & Air Force Special Ops. all eventually go to a VA hospital. Lets say for instance a group of terrorist (on everyone's mind) running from a scene such as a bomb they set and were being chased so they ran into this hospital not realizing the irony. so you have the bomb , you have the hero's, action, car chases, all that is missing is love and laughter. I hope you like my idea, I am a veteran in case you didn't catch that. Mark

FaithJ91 year ago
JURASSICM1 year ago

Please make a Amazing World Of Gumball Movie! It's my favorite show and I will enjoy it on the big screen with the big adventures and stuff! I hope you get my idea!

Sincerely yours, Marco

surayabay1 year ago

OK, here's an idea for you! How about an old, but updated "Swashbuckler" staring, Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Schumer, Wanda Skyes, Caitlyn Jenner, Rosie O'Donnell, Melissa McCarthy, Shopia Vigara? Rosanne Barr, Merle Streep, and a few others, as a band of "merry-women" free spirits, who live in the forest together fighting injustice, tyranny and evil doer's! Plot: Lady A-Man-da! (Jenner), is being held hostage in the castle of the evil doer's until she and her fellow? prisoners "conform" to the will of the evil doer's! Meanwhile, back at the forest strong-hold, the gals, hatch a plot to free her and the others, with the aid of their trusted companions, "The Three Muffketeers", Rosanne Barr, as (F'art'anian), Wanda Skyes, as (Porthos) and Rosie O'Donnell, as ( Rosie O'Donnell), to free those imprisoned there for using "Uni-sex" bathrooms, supporting free-will and deposing the evil, Mad-King Donaldo, and his campaign to "Make Me Great Again" and other capitol offenses! During the escape, the gals tell Jenner to "change, quickly"! Jenner says, "Ladies, I've already changed, I got this"! And then does some amazing trapeze stunts, Ala, Burt Lancaster in "The Flame and the Arrow", music and all!

Can't you see Amy Schumer as "Little Jan", in tights! Melissa McCarthy as "Frier" Tuck Sanders, Rosanne Barr as "Far'Tanian, in armor, on a small horse! Knock-down-drop-dead funny! Ellen, as Robin Toogood, who loves to say, "Be kind to one another", throughout the entire movie! "The Adventures of Robin Toogood"! "Coming Soon - to a theater near you! Don't make me email this to Mel Brooks!

surayabay1 year ago

Hi, "movie ideas anyone??", from Stop Motion Pictures! What's your name and contact info?

EseweI2 years ago


the name of my good movie idea is "is that jesus" this film takes us to a school in Africa this film is about a boy named dave who got kidnapped and was taken as a slave in America for 2 years before he escaped and met a man who adopted him and took care of him. after some years the daves adoptive father took him to a boarding school. this school was wonderful and since it was a catholic school the fathers loved this boy because they knew he was special and gave him a rosary to keep till death. a week later a boy named nicholas was being expelled after being caught bullying a little boy this bully hated religions and so he was none of them. the principal and vice principal were talking to him when he took a gun shot them ran outside and shot every single teacher and substitute leaving only students. he then classified himself king of the school and locked the gate so no student will escape rather they work for him. many parents came along and many were shot including daves adoptive father. that night dave went to the chapel to pray. he was caught by a servant of Nicholas and was punished to sleep on the chapel floor. as dave was crying on the floor a tear drop touched the rosary the fathers gave him and it began to glow dave became scared and held the rosary then a man came out held daves hand and the rosary and put the rosary on daves neck after that a huge gleam of light is seen and dave is waking up from his sleep he noticed the rosary on the crucifix and collected it. after 2 weeks the king wanted the chapel to be burnt for he hated religion the blessed sacrament was in there and dave knew that was jesus and he wanted to protect it so he went to the chapel collected it and took it to his bed side. the next morning the sacrament is nowhere to be seen dave later finds it in the chapel and breathes a sign of relief. but as he was going to touch the same man he saw when he was crying transformed from the blessed sacrament. dave then faints.but the man woke him up and gave him food they played and prayed together till someone caught them and told the king a teacher escaped and that night the man was killed and buried in the chapel. but he did not leave them with a slight warning that he was going to kill whoever played with these man the next day. that night dave knew that his life had come to an end and that is when a boy his age came to make friends. after the both of them talked when it was 11 oclock his friend went and he weeped in the mans grave. lo and behold the man came as a spirit and took dave to see around what he was going to do and how he was going to have salvation after after the man practiced with him about the battle he will face dave got curious and asked him who he was. he replied saying I am the one you cant think about but soon shall u know who I am.

during inspection by the king to make sure no one escaped the king noticed the boy he was supposed to kill was not there. he panicked and trapped all students in a room and put bombs round it and had a remote that will set everything off and kill all the students the only person who escaped was daves friend daves friend went to find dave and saw him coming out of a hole his friend who called himself Raphael told him what happened and told him he was the only one can save them. dave and Raphael flew into the kings room and told him it was over but the king was stronger than dave and when he deafeated him dave real father came and helped his son but when dave started crying that he ruined everything the rosary started glowing and dave started floating then he transformed into an angel after that the king said its too late and ran to the room he put all the students hostage but then dave carried him and realesed all the students and threw him into the room and he died.

daves father took all the students to their real homes and took those whose parents died to an orphanage home. then as they were going dave remembered Raphael and went looking for him he found him crying and asked him why he said his father and mother were killed and dave suggested his father adopt him after they signed the adoption letters a few days later the two became brothers and dave told his mom all abou the adventure he had gone through and that night the man appeared and revealed to dave he was jesus then he waved at him and dave slept off smiling and also wondering how his dad met him but didn't care as long as he was back home.

the end

I am only 12 yrs old and pls reply so I know u read this I hope this is a great movie idea for you

You get back-up stairs and clean your bedroom young man, or you'll "SEE JESUS" alright! Just kidding! Sounds like a great idea! Keep up with the good stories, writing and ideas!

Esewel, be very careful who you contact or send you're ideas, phone number and email info to! You said you were 13? I know your a smart kid, but run it by Ma and Dad before you contact anyone!

Esewel, I am a Christian Filmmaker. That is a Great Movie idea. I Would like your permission to make your idea into a movie. You would be Involved in the Making of the film. I would send you a copy of the completed script, keep you informed of the process of making this movie, I would send you, your friends, and your family free copies of the film. I hope you reply soon.


Blake Flick

Blake flick, I am very pleased with the offer you gave me but before I grant you permission is would like to have the completed script is would like to adjust it and also I would like to get your phone number and a list of other movies you have done.

esewe idugboe
Blake 13 I appreciate this offer is would also like you to please send your email address your phone number and the completed script and also I would like to make some adjustments to the script. also again have you made other films if you have please list them. I hope you reply sooner
david Idugboe

My idea is to make a movie using the middle east wars as a base only somehow a full battalion of M1 Abrams tanks goes through a time warp and ends up against Hitlers Army. modern technology against old time war machines. I also have an idea with Special Forces turning against the US government corruption.

I man with proven psychic and telepathic abilities turns up
on the scenes of tragic accicidents and claims to be a paramedic, he is
familiarising himself with the victims and injuries. He has the ability reset
the day for everybody, so everybody wakes up with the trauma as just a dream,
restarting the day. People start realising that they shared the same dream and
know each other, in a parallel universe, including radio DJ journalists. The
evil enemy sets up a major incident to see how good the man is at doing it


Please email me at That is a great idea. I would consider making that.

witherman1 year ago

I an currently making child cops take down drug dealers.

witherman1 year ago

I have one and I'm making it it. I won't tell but here is another one. An entire class of ninth grades is stuck in their city when their enemies attack and take it, the kids then proceed to take it back.

JefferyH101 year ago

maybe Disney team up with Pixar vs anime, cloud and Sephiroth

JefferyH101 year ago

here is a good couple of movie ideas, mummy returns (native american) lol im native american and i think that's funny because pretty sure not real but, a funny idea ;) so the real idea was... a un-named group- to be in charge on micky mouse (Disney). should make a wreck it raph like movie with cloud/sephiroth team up to fight their way through the horde of anime to help sephiroth get his Jenova cells recharge and become his great form, with the kingdom hearts game to back them up, and maybe help set all the games together, or a better story with same cast would be sweet :D

A future king of a country that has a monarchy has many potential
female suitors strategically placed in his path by an unknown higher echelon.

RayR421 year ago

A DRAGON BALL Z MOVIE With the graphics from that beowulf movie will be banging

NaderD21 year ago

Script Ready .

A film most prominent respected critic gets shot. The problem is off too may suspects. As half the film industry wanted him dead, the other half wanted to torture him first...including his own grandmother.

Who is the shooter is know in the very first shot. The problem is that even the shooter doesnt know who has planned the murder.

nader dabestani

cell : 0091 9819748045


nnn1 year ago

I tried looking to see a movie is out of the series ofbooks called "Wolves of the Beyond".... can you make a movie about those series?

danavip1 year ago

I was thinking it would be a great idea to remake the movie of the little mermaid. But real life. About how her mother, because we all want to know why her mom nit around. Maybe show at the beginning when Ariel is young and she with her mother and something happens to cause her mothers death. And the go on with the movie. And I think Emma stone would be a great idea to act her part. Just throwing this idea out there because no one has done it yet. Like there been so many remakes of Disney movies and this one hasn't been.

A short story called fishing.

A family live next door to the neighbours from hell, teenage
kids play with boy racer cars with loud sound systems, wheel spinning in the street. They go to the same
sociable club with all of the neighbours that have got their issues with them.
The teenage kids play a raffle at the social club and win the top prize a set of top of the
range fishing rods, the kids get obsessed with fishing in a river and abandon
the boy racer cars, for fishing a preparing sushi meals.

Twist: the raffle was fixed for them to win the prize.

will the neighbors grass the teenagers up to the police for possibly fishing without a permit in some lagoons?

JuliaP172 years ago

Dear producer,
I am a scriptwriter and I have a good idea from the genre fantasy/thriller/novel.
Shailene is a 19-year old teenager who lives with her stepmother in a town close to the ocean. The town has a dark, terrifying legend about a mutant who kills it´s victims brutally. The girl does not believe in the stories and just continues her life. But one day, when she is swimming in the sea, she meets the mutant. The following days she starts seeing him more and more, until one day he captures her. Little does Shailene know that the mutant is in love with her. And while she is captured by him, people in town start to die..

JuliaP172 years ago
LOLK2 years ago

The movie is called spider eyes.

In the future everybody is fitted with computerised video
cameras, they are embedded into a person’s forehead, and also around there head
and back of their head, the cameras record sound and vision all the time an
upload everything to the cloud 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The internet can also talk directly to the
brain by sending small electrical shocks between the cameras, and the human
learns the language as another direct sense.

The technology is really good and is a success.

Humans can then upgrade their limbs to bionic limbs and
other add-ons until they are almost entirely a hybrid, genetic and mechanic

The cloud computers can take over humans, and get them to do
monotonous or highly skilled work by placing the person in a trance where they
are robot dancing and being remote controlled by the cloud. Typically working
in car production assembly plants, street cleaning, or stacking shelves in
supermarketsor building a new city.

There is a symbiotic relationship between the cloud and a
human, just like a flower and a bee.

How about a hospital drama called fitted kitchen.

A family are downsizing their home because of debt and
online gambling problems. They sell their home for less than market value for a
quick sale. They make a last minute plan to take the fitted kitchen with them
and replace it with a inferior one from a family member who died in a house alone, and was then left
undiscovered for 6 months. The moment the new buyer moves ito their new home
they can smell gas so they do not flick on any light switches.Unfortunately, a fly files into a ultraviolet fly killer in the
kitchen and causes a spark, and the whole house blows up to smithereens and
takes out some neighbours too.

lun232 years ago

Did you know Hotel Transylvania 2 shall come out next week?

lun232 years ago
lun232 years ago

What happens if an evil foe,Yellow Diamond(who'd apparently possess sent an actual sinister manservent on Steven Universe?

phantomquartz_by_terminaitor[1].pngdscn04061[1].jpgdscn04061[1] (3).jpglord_diamond__high_ruler_of_the_gem_homeworld_by_zistheone-d8kzc6v[1].jpg
lun232 years ago
Fievel's American Tails on Cartoon Network

The weather girl.

An armed bank robbery is planned and done only on foggy winter mornings, this day is chosen so that it is impossible for helicopters to track the criminals from above. The getaway car has the latest infrared vision electronics and radar scanners; however, the robbers lose their money in the getaway after crashing and the car caching fire with the money in the boot. The robbers try again, and change to a kidnapping and ransom, again on a foggy morning, the policeman who is the dosh-bag runner, is very surprised when he is told that he has to dump the ransom money in to a homemade submarine moored at a pier, the unmanned submarine is fitted with a autohelm guidance system for under water systems. The kidnappers get their money and the police are very disappointed.

Ananchel272 years ago

A fantasy action movie, of a guardian angel warrior who has been sent from the heavens in order to save Earth from an evil ancient demon leader who is willing to bend time and space. The angel who thwarts demons, Briathos, senses a powerful demon so called, Abaddon, stepping on Earth after reaching his way above away from the depths of Hell, and seeks a secret laboratory that holds the energy that is capable of keeping time normally going, however, things worsen as Abaddon makes his destination to the lab, Briathos flies and fights through Abaddon's demonic soldier servants that he sends out from a gate located in a volcanic area. While the plot is continuing straightforward to the middle, people start to suffer as they see all the torture coming from Abaddon's soldiers, meanwhile Briathos goes ahead and slays many having his other angel partners, Azrael, Araqiel, and Eae. As the war goes on, Briathos ends up meeting a strange angel being, called Osmios, afterwards the war increases thanks to the help of all the angels who were sent by great God. However, Abaddon finally finds the lab and starts draining the energy that holds the key of time and gravity, and begins to bend Earth in a strange twist, extremely slowly bending time and space, while every human starts to suffocate even more. Since Abaddon drains energy, he begins to grow stronger and transform enormously. It is only a matter of time for Briathos and Osmios to defeat Abaddon and claim victorious before Abaddon destroys not just Earth, but the whole solar system with his energy he's drained. As the fight begins, Abaddon suddenly transforms into a humongous colossus filled with light yet pure darkness, having every bit of energy drained inside of him meanwhile Earth is slowly bending alongside with everything near it. The fight continues on for a couple of minutes when all of a sudden, Briathos and Osmios start to do a duo prayer, gaining so much light from the heavens, as they tend to increase every bit of their strength, and fight back against Abaddon with beams of light. As Abaddon slowly decreases his energy while he's pulling his hand out, ready to grab what's left for the solar system to be doomed, both Osmios & Briathos spread their wings and flies towards Abaddon, pulling two specifically holy water filled claymores bright white as the sunshine, and stab Abaddon in his stomach where a specific pitch black obsidian jewel is placed in as apart of his demonic soul. Abaddon then tries very hard to squeeze the bright key that is what holds time, but fortunately lets go as the two angels finish him off by breaking the obsidian heart, and ends him back to the depths of hell... Sadly, as everything slowly returned back to normal, half of the globe citizens have faced brutal death, due to the bending of space and time... Although, Great God gives every human being a new planet, a new life, a new start with radiance and benevolence, and rewards all the angels who have faced a powerful yet legendary supernatural world war, especially to Briathos and the new Osmios, who both have defeated Abaddon, the demon of pure destruction. As the movie ends, the obsidian heart of Abaddon is placed deep inside a cavern, sure to be suffered by the consequences of its destruction that has been caused by Abaddon. The angel guardians will always be there to fight against evil, as they unite to bring goodness back to life after a historical holy fight, against the unholiness. I will be thinking of a name for this but I think this would be a great movie, especially if it were to be made as a game!

towards the end of the film, one lad has a dream in his prison cell, the dance anthem Toca's Miracle is playing, he stands in front of the firing squad, a rabbit buries its way out of the ground and the firing squad all laughing try to shoot the rabbit running around, and they all run out of ammunition.

A 20 something year old man and woman are drunk, they have
just had a party with their friends and are getting married in a few week’s
time, they get a video camera and swear an oath of love for each other to it, they
also make a contract on video that if they dump each other, they give
permission for the other partner to hunt them down and kill them, and that this
video contract is above the law of the land and lasts for eternity. The guy jilts the girl on their wedding day at
the altar by jumping on a plane and flying to the other side of the world, and
the deranged girl still dressed in her wedding dress stalks the guy to for fill
the contract.

near the end of the movie, the guy thinks the girl has died in a gas explosion, he drives home feeling relieved, only to find her on the back of is car with a gun to his head forcing a las vegas drive through wedding.

Hicham22 years ago

my idea is to make a movie about a 7 years old kid who grow up in a poor family and he loved basketball so much but he couldn't afford to buy one, one his father took him to a basketball match, he liked it so much, and suddenly by mistake a basketball came to his hand he couldnt belive it,so he kept it, ohh he did,and when he came back home he was playing the whole day, this kid was practicing for 3 years with one ball,and one day his dad notice that he was working so hard so he decided to get him in a basketball team, he decided to work so hard on that, and he did, but with a week team, and he was the best of them, and one day a professional coach was watching him in one of his games and he decided to join him to his good team, And so on, the kid was moving from a team to a team till a nba team... you do the rest I hope you like it. please respnde

Hicham22 years ago
CometF2 years ago

I created a pretty dumb trailor for a movie. Its called "Butterscotch and the Toilet Paper Rolls" can only imagine what its about...anyways, its staring my gerbil, Butterscotch, and its on my youtube channel, Comet Fox, if you wanna check it family and friends think its cool. Cheap, and cute, but cool.

911 tapes don't tell the amount of blood that was leaking on to the bathroom floor. Blood as thick as yogurt. It doesn't tell you they was laying beside one another life less. It doesn't tell you me and my lil brother had to step over their bodies just to get downstairs just to get downstairs to the police cars while we had nothing on but our underwear. Sure enough doesn't tell you how life is after death. The story has to be told and crime in wilmington needs to end. Book in the making followed by documentary. If you can help get our story out there leave a message in my inbox. My phone number 302.304..4043

Thoughts of the movie idea in my time frame.

The Imperil story of Lunar Alpha1;

The year is 2019 and the world is on the brink of war. The United States claimed the moon, under U.S. Constitutional Rights titled "manifest destiny". The moon is never claimed by any nation. Nations landed on this satellite but Dared not to claim it. Nations protested this entitlement, for reasons of a tactical advantage of the U..S.. America denies any strategic advantages except the means of defense. The U.S. Defense Department probability of an immense attack on the U.S. was conceivable by year of 2022. By the year of 2024, congress put in motion to colonize the moon. Trillions of US dollars spent on this new territorial, frontier . The U.S. Hired Most experienced U.S. scientists, engineers, and theoretical designers for its development.

By the ending year of 2023, the base, "Lunar Alpha-1" or " LA1", was built 1200 miles under the moon crust, near moon's core. If you stand a distance from LA1, it look like a sub- surface planet. The power source was developed by Dr. John Buchanan, the world's leading pioneer on prototype development. His new design into the next evolution, environmental source power. His ideas was changing from atomic energy to kinetic energy properties, and a major component that developments a kinetic field and alter its properties into cold fusion power. Professor Buchanan and his engineers developed a schematic design to have the cold fusion plant mounted 500 miles from the moon's core since the moon's core,magma is 2% of earth's. His engineers next step tapping into the moon's magma to properties from moon' crust to support livable habitat.

Professor Buchanan's engineers created re-enforced prototype Metallic medal. Its property is 8x strengthen than our current metals. Additionally, Stationed on LA1, were host of medics, scientists, and engineers staff that continually work on the base developments . By the beginning year 2029, The final test of La1 is complete, and the test is a major success. Senior staffs, ,Congressmen, and the commander-in-chief, President Richard Adams tour the base with family, on May 1, 2029 at 10:30 p.m., also remain on board for a few days.

Meanwhile on earth, scientists operating on the Hadron Collider, or "LHC" for short , is a type of particle accelerator with two directed beams. Its accelerates particles with a very high kinetic energy field that impacts other particles; is scheduled an upgrades on its operating systems and tested during the super moon cycle on May 2, 2029at 12:00 pm.. The scientists on the collider were exhausted and left on May 1, 2029 at 11:30 p.m. that night. Unknowingly, the Hadron Collider short circuited with electronic explosion and fire everywhere. Then a major charred wire began the sequence pulse cycle and fully activated. As the super moon was returning to its original orbit or the apogees cycle. The collider protective system failed and the LHC safety system off line and the power is let to over-the-limit operation. The beam at the speed of light, impacted the moon, and causing moon's its apogees cycle. The moon crust and plates shifted back and forth, like a pies crust cracking by the fatigue, caused extreme trimmers on the moon. The earth and moon's magnetic field weaken then collapse as the gravitational force paralyze people on the moon and with astonishment sling shout" the moon out of orbit. The moon continued acceleration damaging the base continually. The recked, but functional base was intact. Cracking building and scraping metal beams gave people a morbid and surprisingly fears of flight. Explosions throughout the base. A few casualties, and worse of all, transport shuttles were destroyed. Plans for a rescue on earth is no longer on the table do to the moon's acceleration. Eventually, communication was lost due to the distance stretched from earth to the moon. The station, maroon base began showing signs of Moodiness, depression, and groomed what awaits them. Three years has past. However, the base was created to sustain life. A plentiful underground plantations; air, food, or electricity, all the comforts of home. However, there lives on earth were missed. . On the calendar date 2032 , law and order was within controllable limits, but many feared the worse. Suddenly. The trimmers returned; many ran for shelter and feared for their lives. With joy, the base was still intact. A senator's staff says "cried out everyone; please remained quiet because I thought I heard a voice". It was from the base communication system. Calling is the joint chiefs of staff wondering if everyone is okay. The people on the marooned moon jumped for joy as they listened to the sounds from a voice giving hopes of rescue. The President asked," how things on earth"? The person on the microphone provided a morbid, picture of the fatalities on earth. Feelings remorse, felt throughout the base. The voice on the mic said, "not to worry, a rescue team is being planned as we speak." As the Pres. Listening to the voice is upset by providing false hope instead to except their fate, The voice apologized as he feeds them bits of information. The Commander- and- Chief, with a disgruntled voice say, "instead of you provide portion to explain how communication is established, provide full explanation. The voice explain, "communication is established through the Mars probe", he states. Dumbfounded, The President asked, "what is the distance from the probe to this base? He explained 5000 miles. The moon's magnetic field stabilized around Mars. It's full realignment within 30 days. The people on the base roared with cries, laugher , singing , and prays and they all believe that this is a vivid miracle.

FreddieB2 years ago

A young former criminal, low on cash and desperate for a job, talks to his friend who is part of the mafia and a bodyguard for a successful mob boss. His friend gets him a job as a mafia man and soon becomes friends with the rest of the mob and the mob boss himself. He is given the job of guarding the gangsters daughter who is in her mid 20s and looking for a man. The two soon fall in love but the boss does not allow them to see each other so they must meet and talk behind his back. The boss and his mafia crew soon suspect they're seeing each other and when the main character learns that the boss wants him dead he must create a plan to keep his new girlfriend, fight the mob and get out alive. But can he do it in time?

Think of it like Goodfellas meets True romance meets Titanic meets The notebook

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