moving message display materials?

aside from leds and microcontroller, what do i still need in order to make a moving message display?

frollard6 years ago
some sort of circuit substrate to build it, commonly PCB material or protoboard.

Wire to hook everything up, 18-22 gauge


maybe shift registers if you want to streamline the output.

Transistors if you need to invert your output pins.

Check out the bill of materials on several of the 'led matrix' instructables.
pipoot (author)  frollard6 years ago
sir i intended to use rgb led for moving message display, can it be possible?
can you help me for materials needed? tnx
frollard pipoot6 years ago
It's done exactly the same as single or bi-colour, just you have to triple the data lines for rows or columns. (thats when shift registers come in handy)
Re-design6 years ago
Two flat boards tied together and a person to walk back and forth with it.