my XBOX 360 only reads games upside down does anyone now how to fix it?

it wont play any games regular it only plays them upside down and mcrosoft wants to charge me 99.99$ so i need some help

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just flip the disc reader
apparently Microsoft has a guy that flips disc readers for $90
what a loser!
Whats your definition of upside down? Maybe a picture could help. Really though is it all that hard to flip a CD.
frollard8 years ago
There is no way in heck an xbox factory could install a drive upside down by default - it takes some serious mod skills to even get the connectors to fit. It must have been modded - I'd leave it how it is.
It sounds like someone modded it so that the disks wouldn't get scratched by the tray. If it is used talk to the previous owner. If it is new return it to the store.
lemonie8 years ago
Do you have to turn the whole box upside down? This would be a manufacturing defect and it should be rectified under warranty, or you can return it to the place you bought it as "unfit for purpose" (within a reasonable period of time).

Well, if the games still work perfectly(do they?) you could just leave it as it is, however, if it doesn't, you could probably open up the xbox, and place the disk reading thing upside down,(right side up?) and that might work.