my dell charger is not working ....?

i have a dell lattitude c840 ..its charger suddenly stoped workin there any other go or should i hav to buy a dell there a cheaper idea?

BerrtyG2 years ago

Your charger is undoubtedly dead. If it beeps, thats a sign that it is no longer work. Another sign is the fact that it won't turn on. I would highly suggest you look into getting a new charger as soon as possible.

You can look online on sites like ebay or amazon but I would personally suggest you visit Topmic instead. Topmic is well known for their great services and their durable products. They include free shipping and free lifetime warranty. Yes, lifetime. This means if the charger ever stops working on its own for whatever reason, they would replace it as many times as needed at no additional cost, for life.

If you do have to buy a new charger,
This Site is a great way to save money in the long run and a good investment as well.

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Even more likely, the wires have broken between the supply and the plug.
seandogue8 years ago
Are you sure the charger isn't working? If your batteries are worn out thy won't charge properly. Does it have the OUTPUT voltage and current rating stamped onto the body? Or alternatively, are you in possession of the user's manual for the laptop, and does it specify the operating voltage/current, or voltage/power? If so, it's quite possible that it can be replaced with a generic solution. If the batteries have reached or are approaching their end-of-life, then replace the batteries.