my desktop background image vanishes after 8-10 sec. on reboot...please help

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Punkguyta6 years ago
Sounds like one of those viruses/fake antivirus programs that replaces your desktop with some blinged out background that has BIG letters telling you how you have viruses so that's all you see.
lemonie6 years ago

What is the problem?
Too little information has been given so far.

ashmeet69 (author)  lemonie6 years ago
the problem is i scanned the registry for errors and pressed the "fix all errors"button without checking it properly
i did it 2-3 weeks before and since then, my desktop background vanishes after sometime on every reboot
if i put any wallpaper after reboot,it stays till the next roboot!
if no background is present on shutting down,,,no background appears from the startup next time
please help.........................

You just want to add / correct the Registry entries for the desktop background then?
Go Google it.
Microsoft page for this (off that search):

. Your Registry scanner/fixer may have a roll-back feature. See if it will reset to before you made the changes.
Just do a system restore to a point before the problem started,that's what it's there for .