my hp laptop cannot access internet through my wifi ?

hello everybody , i am facing a problem that my laptop hp pavilion dv7 cannot access internet through my wifi about a week ago 
it's connected to my wifi router but no internet , the strange that the wifi is working on my mobile and another laptop and my laptop also connect internet to any other wifi router except this one :( .. i tried reconfiguartion my router and removing it from networks and re login and it's all doesn't work .. else tried to removed the driver and reinstall and no thing happen ,, hope any one help me and thanks in advance 

Vyger3 years ago

One of the more common problems is the the built in adapter goes bad. Buy a USB wiFi adapter and try using that. They are cheap and easily available.

Vyger3 years ago

This is a pretty common problem and there has been a lot of questions and discussions of it. Do a search for it and many of the answers can probably help you.

JM19993 years ago

Have you restarted the laptop?

My HP compaq does this exact thing when I mis-treat it and it can take up to a month before I finally resolve the problem.

If you are connecting and dis connecting all the time it ma have an affect on the computer.

To avoid that I never shut mine down or even turn the sreensaver on just in case!

seandogue3 years ago

If you know that you can connect to other WIFI using the laptop, then I might think I'd forgotten to enter the WPA or other security password when attempting to login to the router. Other than that, I'd suggest contacting HP for troubleshooting advise. Maybe jsut need to update a driver...