my intonation is flat on my guitar but the saddle is maxed out. Its a gibson tun o matic bridge. how do i fix it?

If the strings are old, rusty or at all manky: replace them.  Makes a real big difference when setting the intonation.  Old strings can be impossible to bring into tune - and naturally the intonation would be out when you replaced them anyhow.
norsehorse8 years ago
If that doesn't work look down the neck to see if its straight. You might have to adjust the truss rod.
gmoon8 years ago
If it's flat, you need to shorten the string. Move the saddle in toward the nut, not farther away. 12th Fret Plays Sharp: move the saddle away from the nut 12th Fret Plays Flat: move the saddle closer to the nut (Don't try to do it by ear. Use a tuner, if you have one.)