my ipod touch wont turn on

my ipod touch wont turn onto a working stage it will open to the apple when it goes reall bright then after it goes darker it just turns off again so i cant conect it to itunes because it isnt running and i have also triesd wake and home button and like every combination

if you can help thanks

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yokozuna7 years ago
Sounds a lot like a battery issue. Either not charged or maybe not holding a charge.
Devices like ipods sometimes do not work if they are not charged.
I am in love with this comment.
billbobaggens (author) 7 years ago
it isn't a battery problem we think it was that he deleted Cidia ( it was jail broken )
acidbass7 years ago
battery issue indeed my friend had this exact prob and we found out after we took it in to apple and they fixed it
Try turning it on while plugged in, if it turns on you know its a battery issue, also hold the power button for 10 seconds then leave it alone for a few minutes, this may work. If all else fails you can take it to the apple store and have them fix it. Good Luck