my laptop batery won't charge and it only works when pluged in?

i got a laptop from a friend and his dog chewed the cables and it had been dead for a couple years and i fixed the charger but the charging light doesn't come on  but it will turn on when plugged in but dies when unplugged also when i remove the battery pack and reinsert it when pluged it the charging light will come on for a minuet and then turn off i also can't check the battery status because it won't let me log in it will show the background then say loging off saving your settings but that is not the main prolblem i have i am going to install linux so that doen't matter

jeff-o7 years ago
My wife's laptop had the same symptoms (minus the dog).  Replacing the battery fixed the problem.
NachoMahma7 years ago
> it had been dead for a couple years
.  There's a very good chance that the battery is bad. Check the contacts on the battery and the computer and make sure they are clean.
I'll bet when he installs linux it will rejuvinate that long dead battery.  At least I've heard similar things about linux.

But if it doesn't self-fix I'm pretty sure that if you get and new battery then it will work just fine.
I agree with Nacho. This is an ex-battery, it has ceased to be.