my laptop hinge breaks to fix it?

my lenovo Y510 laptop's right hand side hinge breaked.................... how to fix it fair that i open the case and try to fix service provider asks RS5000(1$=45RS) for fixing it............what shoud i do now???????????

if you still have the parts try gorilla glue, i fixed many plastic stuff with it and it holds pretty strong
It depends HOW it breaks I suppose. Any chance of a picture ? They don't design 'em to break "within warranty", so I'd just try and fix the thing. Steve
robotguy48 years ago
Duct tape.

- OR -

Try some stuff I found in the related Instructables over there ==>
Note that opening up the computer may void the warranty.
Re-design8 years ago
If it was an HP9000 and the hinge broke (the 9000 had a serious hinge breakage problem) it would cost between $250 and $450 to get it fixed. So your price is not too bad. If you can get a new hinge or a good hinge off an old non working computer you can probably fix it if you're a handy person. You'll probably have to take the case apart to get to what you need to get to though. I don't have that same computer so I can't tell you exactly what you need to do to fix it. Good luck.