my monitor doesn't show my desktop

when i turn on my computer, all the fans disk drives, everything runs but i can't hear the little beep when it boots up and the monitor doesn't show anything, the power light just flashes meaning no signal.
HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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zack2476 years ago
did you build this computer?
by the sounds of it you did, and that small square power connector is around the CPU, isnt it?

if it is, that is NECESSARY for the computer to turn on, the cpu requires the extra 12v from that plug. cut one of those plugs from a dead power supply and strip the ends of the wires and push them into the appropriate colored lines on 2 4 pin molex plugs.
(eg, strip the coating off of 1 yellow and 1 black wire from the salvaged connector, then push the yellow wire into the yellow line on a 4 pin molex, do the same with the black (except on the black line) and repeat for the other two wires.)

if you dont understand what i mean heres a diagram:
The nerdling (author)  zack2476 years ago
yes i did uild the computer, yes it is around the cpu.
why don't you put it together in a parallel circut?
2 of the wires are 12v (yellow), and two of the wires are ground (black).
Its easier to wire it up (as shown) than doing it any more complicated.

dont worry about it causing any fires or anything, the PSU can handle it and its never backfired on me before.
zack247 zack2476 years ago
woops. sorry forgot the picture :P
blkhawk6 years ago
Assuming that your monitor works, it could be a bad motherboard and power supply. Did you install a card or memory to your computer? If that is the case you may have an IRQ conflict. Remove the offending hardware.
The nerdling (author)  blkhawk6 years ago
i haven't thought of that, thanks
The nerdling (author)  The nerdling6 years ago
it didn't work.
the video card fan makes a strange noise
the motherboard has a small squarepower plug but the pws (power supply) doesn't
Vyger6 years ago
Your power supply has multiple voltages. The fans and hard drives, CD drives, all run on the 12 volt bus. The processor runs on the 3.3 volt bus. There is also a 5 volt bus. If either of those burnt out the motherboard will not get enough power to fire up. That's the most probable cause. First thing to do is borrow another supply from somebody else and try hooking it into your board.
The beep that you hear when it starts is the BIOS self test. The fact that its not sounding tells you that its something with the board or power. If the video is bad it would give you a series of beeps, long and short. If the RAM is bad it would give you one long beep at repeating intervals. So if its not the power supply its the motherboard or processor. Is it still under warranty?
The nerdling (author)  Vyger6 years ago
no, the warranty would'v expired about 10 years ago!
The nerdling (author)  The nerdling6 years ago
or 6
Burf6 years ago
First thing you should do is isolate the problem area, is it the monitor or the computer. Assuming you have checked to insure the cables are all properly connected, try the monitor on a different computer. Ask a friend if you don't have another PC.
If the monitor works on a different PC, then it is an issue with your computer, in which case you will need to check your graphics card. Make sure it is seated snugly in the socket and if there are any cables to it, that they, too, are seated.
If your mobo is using an on-board graphics card and doesn't have a plug in graphics card, you may be able to add a graphics card and bypass the on-board unit. If it has both a plug in graphics card and an on board card, pull the plug in card and see if the monitor works. If these steps don't correct the problem, you will probably need a new CPU or mobo.
For an LCD monitor, if it doesn't work on another computer, then it is likely the inverter is bad or worse. Inverters can be repaired or replaced sometimes, but it requires a certain amount of skill and training to do so. If you aren't competent to do this yourself, most times it is cheaper to simply buy a new monitor.
frollard6 years ago
Step one. Check the cables.

Is the monitor still plugged into the computer's video port?
--the correct video port?

Does the monitor have an 'input' selection
-are you on the correct input?