my motherboard wont open and there is a sound like sirene when i turn it on. what is the cause of that sound?

my motherboard wont open and there is a sound like sirene when i turn on the motherboard. what is the cause of that sound and what will I do do open it?

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lemonie8 years ago
Your board won't open? Don't you mean the case, it usually requires a screwdriver?
What type of computer is is, how long does the noise last, when does it stop, is it a continuous EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE or EEWWEEWWEEWWEEWW?
Do you notice anything else wrong with the thing?

To figure if it's coming from a fan or the pc speaker should be a simple 'poke the fan and see if it stops' test :D Fans are really easy to replace.
My board did this, it used to EEEEEEEEEE from POST and then stop. But over time it went on for longer and longer - nothing was broken. I know why, but would you like to guess as to what it was? L
I had a PIII that used to do that, Nothing wrong with it at all. In the end I just removed the piezo!
Do you know why it did that though? L
No, I never located it, I changed the ram, hard drive, power supply, swapped the ide cables, Checked the cmos battery. I felt confident enough there was nothing wrong with the computer drastically and that machine continued to serve me for many months until it was replaced by the own downstairs pc as my parents got a laptop. I still have it up in the loft cupboard of doom, Would still be working to problem if I didn't take lots of parts from it!
Hmm, possibly the hard drive?? Or the PC speaker.......,
The noise was the board-piezo yes - can you guess / deduce why? L
one beep at post is 'normal'...longer beeps or combinations usually indicate something is failing - specific to the motherboard itself - only the documentation can tell. a gradually longer and longer beep tells me...its a comedian.
I worked it out after opening the case - there wasn't actually anything "wrong", but the time made sense as it went from Sept into winter... ? L
fwjs28 lemonie8 years ago
west49rules8 years ago
What the siren is is just a alarm that the computer has built up too much static electricty what you have to do is simply unplug it then press the power button for 30 seconds, releasing all the static electricty plug her back in and try powering her back up. If that doesnt work PM me and give me some more info, I hope this helps
I'm afraid computers don't have alarms for ESD, The beeps are for diagnostic use so you can tell what is wrong with the computer from bad ram, no vga, Something isn't connected, no boot device, etc etc. Without knowing the pattern of the beeps we can't help you at all Just to note if it's a dell desktop it will usually scream at you if you happen to open the case as dell were king enough to put in a switch to detect when the case had been opened. On all the dells I have had this is one of the first thing I disable as it's really quite annoying!
miiwii38 years ago
easy obliviously your buzzer is getting power when it shouldn't i can't completely diagnose but i would say a transistor burned out dont try to fix it you will probably just harm the computer more. how long does it last? if it really annoys you just take out the buzzer. the only thing it does is make the beeps when u hit a key incorrectly. (you know what i mean right?) there are lots of way to remove it like crushing it ripping it out melting it or just desoldering it but is it that bad? and your computer wont open wont open? ( i know what you mean) hmmmmm there should be a switch to slide or tabs to squeeze if that fails meet my buddy sledge hammer!! hurrrrr *shatter* ok your in feel free to post any questions like this on my orange board they are real simple to answer to me i actually enjoy answering these questions! -miiwii3