my printer cartridge does not work after months of inactivity. It is fairly new . Can I reuse without refilling??


frollard8 years ago
Nacho's got it on the nose. Try the qtip method first to loosen the dried ink...then... Try going to your printer settings (from the control panel >> printers >> right click on your printer >> properties, and find 'maintenance' or 'cleaning' ...etc. it basically uses a mode that squirts ink out, then washes the head, then squirts some more. My HP printer offers light, intermediate, and heavy cleaning - try that. It 'does' use a fair amount of ink, but if the head is fubar, you might as well try.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. The ink has probably dried up in the jets, clogging them. . You may be able to unclog it by using a Q-Tip (cotton swab) dampened with water on the ink jets, but don't hold your breath. You're probably going to need a new cartridge. . . That's why I switched to laser printers.