my sisters old stereo system seems to be making a 'ttit' noise when i listen to a song with bass. Please help!

it sounds sorta like a small piece of meatal rataling (or a spark jumping through the air) . the speakers are nice sony speakers but are old and have been out in an OLD barn. the speakers connect bye a wire in a clamp. there are two different rows that have a red and black wire ports, but only one row works. please help?!?!

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iceng5 years ago
Tweeters are the other row and are either shot or bein infested with
mice or not being driven properly by your sister's old amp.

As for the bass makin a horrible noise that is where a speaker is
asked to move the most air and the speaker coil is rubbing the old
magnet owing to a warped or torn speaker cone.

jayman242 (author)  iceng5 years ago
one thing i forgot to mention is that even with the speakers completely diconected from the stereo body it still makes the noise. strangly it does not do it with th headphones pluged in AT ALL. even if its at the max volume. it also only has 'preset' equalizers, so its hard to change the bass dramaticly (these include 'flat' 'rock' 'jazz' game' & 'pop')
jayman242 (author)  jayman2425 years ago
im sorry i caint upload the vid i have showing it in action, but go to my instructable for it. its titled 'sis's stereo problem'
Sure hes not running the bass to hard? My speakers sometimes do that if I turn up the bass unhumanly high..
It is probably clipping. (See my instructable here: