my super clip frame broke, any ideas how to fix it?

My super clip (tainted glass attachment) frame broke near the center attachment. I've tried solder it with regular solder, but it's too weak, the frame seems to be made of aluminium. Any ideas how to fix it or should I spend the 40 $ fixing it at the local jewelry store?

l8nite7 years ago
solder isn't going to work, if you know anyone with a tig welder they could tack it together.  Otherwise, clean as much of the solder off as possible, super glue the ends together and ue tape as a clamp, then use an epoxy like jbweld and carefully apply along the outter edge. Sand and clean it up then using a hairdryer or heat gun heat up JUST the one side and pop the lense in place, then pop the whole thing in the freezer for a couple of minutes.... GOOD LUCK
le-Sid (author) 7 years ago
Here's some pics... you get a fine look at my lame soldering skills T_T
Might you be able to superglue the lens back in?
lemonie7 years ago
You can't solder aluminium, can you drop a picture into this question?