my tube radio still has no FM with new caps?

on my tube radio, i just replaced all the wax and paper caps with mylar and ceramic ones and electrolytic for the power supply caps. the FM side still does not work. has no static or any sound. AM works perfectly with no hum. any ideas on why the FM dont work? IF transformers maybe? all tubes seem to be lighting up. i really want this thing to work!

florlayamp (author) 6 years ago
the switch works fine, i used an ohm meter to test it, i discovered one of the tubes has a heater out, so i bought another one and put it in and both lit up but still no FM, so im going to bypass the FM circuit and make it an IPOD/AUX input.
lemonie6 years ago
I told you before: I believe that FM is differently modulated these days. Your radio isn't broken, it just isn't designed for FM as it is today.

Re-design6 years ago
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framistan6 years ago
the switch that switches from FM to AM may have defective solder connection, or corroded contacts? One of the tubes may be bad in the FM tuner section. One of the resistors in the FM section may be open.