my xbox keeps turning itself off every 2-5 minutes.

every time i turn my xbox on it turns itself off after like 2-5 minutes, im thinking that this is microsoft ripping people off by making them send their xboxes in every 3 months to get it fixed for like £40.00.
and now it keeps turning itself on every 10 seconds then off again straight after.
in short im thinking of buying a ps3 and a word to the wise everybody, dont buy an xbox, its a rip off, it will break down every couple of months. the amount of problems that a 360 has is endless, the rede ring, it scratches disks, xbox live costs way too much and a wifi adaptor does too, you cannot install any other operating ststem on it and you cannot play a game without the disk. 2-3 of my games have been cracked all the way through by my 360, buying it was one of my worst decisions i have made so far.
on the other hand ps3 has wifi built in free online and you can play games without the disk. you can also install any operating system on it.

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Re-design7 years ago
So what is your question of did you just need to vent?
freerunnin1 (author)  Re-design7 years ago
no i just needed to vent, lol
I understand.  Misery loves company.
seandogue7 years ago
Did you mod the Xbox prior to the failure?
freerunnin1 (author)  seandogue7 years ago
nope the xbox is an unmodded xbox 360 arcade with 60GB hard drive bought seperatly, it kicks alot of heat out of the back and the power pack heats up too, although it doesn't seem to be over heating seen as if you let it cool unplugged for half an hour, when you come back and plug it in it does the same again.
lemonie7 years ago
Maybe it's overheating. Have you taken it apart and cleaned it?

jeff-o7 years ago
Well, you need the disc in to play PS3 games too.  And, you can't install a different OS on the newest PS3s.

But, I do love my PS3.  It's my DVD player, blu-ray player, game machine, media player all in one!  No issues yet, but I only got it this Christmas.

But to answer your question...  dunno what's wrong with your Xbox.  Is there a way to reformat and start fresh?
You did realize that the xbox is a Microsoft product, right? Not to minimize your pain - I totally feel ya on this - but are you really surprised that Microsoft has put out yet another (a$$)/2 product?