need help : How to extract fingerprint image from Waveshare uart fingerprint using arduino ?

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The only thing I found regarding the fingerprint image is It is a good thing they used screen grabs because the program is in Chinese. No manual, even in Chinese, and the Wiki page didn’t help

I suspect the “fingerprint” used by the system is actually an algorithm template stored in a database but it can scan the print as an image.

AhmadQ8 (author)  Quadrifoglio1 year ago

I found the datasheet :

and code I done so far :

I am trying to write a method named (acquire_upload_images ) to acquire image as it in page 7 and 8 of the datasheet but it returns about 1207 bytes instead of 9800bytes i do not know why

Is the received data valid ? Sometimes wrong baudrates will do that

AhmadQ8 (author)  steveastrouk1 year ago

The data is not sense, it should return 9800 byte but it return about 1207 bytes, but the fingerprint returns successfull acknowledgement .
i tried different baud rates nothing works
I tried waveshare chinese pc software by using cp2102 it showed me the fingerprint image but i want to understand how to write the code.
Thanks in advance

I know I ask the same style of question, but how do you know you only have 1200 bytes ? Can you confirm your count is correct somehow ?

AhmadQ8 (author)  steveastrouk1 year ago

i built a counter inside the method every time it reads a byte it increment the counter by one

Get a serial sniffer program like HHDsoftware's "Device monitoring studio", get the thing working on Windows when you can watch every single bit arrive, then go to the arduino armed with your knowledge.

"Notice: If the module can not acquire any image or the image acquired is imperfect, you should reduce the baud rate to make sure the quality of the image. It is recommended to use the baud rate of 9600 for fingerprint image acquirement."

AhmadQ8 (author)  Quadrifoglio1 year ago

I tried to reduce the baud rate to 9600 but the fingerprint did'nt work on baud rate less than 19200

Dont' know about you, but I read the manual.