need help creating an instrument. my issue is how to keep the string tight and on the tube.

im creating a whamola didgeridoo cross,  i was hoping for some ideas and posative flow.  I have an ABS tube and a used bass string  practicly no money and imagination.  i needt to create a hinge and something to hold the bottom of the cord.  simple enough so it can be easy to replace the string when it breaks.  then on the top part where the hinge is i need something to put the string in i can tighten and losen.  P.S. i need the cord touching the tube so the vibration goes inside of it.  Any answers will be muchly thanked!

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Re-design8 years ago
Neat idea.  I hadn't run across a whamola yet and had to google it to find out what it was.  The didgeridoo I've seen before and am interested in.

Drill a hole at the bottom to hold the string like on a lot of elec. guitars.  Then at the top your leaver goes thru a slot in the top and is on an axle, your string it attached to the lever so that it tightens when you pull the lever.  You need a bridge at the bottom and a nut at the top just like a guitar or you string will BUZZZZZZ.  The vibration will to inside even if it is only touching at the top and bottom.  It won't be very loud because you don't have much of a soundboard.  Acoustic guitars are big for tone but for amplification also.  If you put a single pickup under the string and run that thru an amp it wouldn't amp. the didgeridoo sound much but would really bring out the string sound.
didgeridoodle (author)  Re-design8 years ago
thanks for the imput.  what kind of buzz sound do you mean?  and what would be good for a mouth peice? i need the string to bend over the top to reach the hinge so i need some kind of bendable hose so i can play both simotaniously.
Buzz like a guitar string that is not fretted right.  You can try using 90 deg. turns to make a mouth piece.  Google "blue man group" and look at the pipe instruments they've made.  And google "curved head joint flute" to see what I mean.
didgeridoodle (author)  Re-design8 years ago
thanks for the help i made it and it was awsume people loved it at the festival. was very funny hearing what peopl thought it was and what it did. Now i have an idea of wht i want to create and contimplate  next step is making an acoustic one.  it was to much of a bother finding a amp for my pick up. 
Show us a picture of it.  Glad it worked out for you.