newer type motors controlled by altering freqens in a3 phase system?

You are in this first lesson handling older types of scoter motors- what about the newer type with a electronic freqense alternator and a rotating magnet field--still permanent magnets, but in the rotor- i think neodyne type- and electronic "gas handle" the types used in chinese electric scooters? If i'm right, this type is more power saving which means longer distance pr loading of the batteries? My interest liesin 2 -3 hp 48-60 V motors for small bikes-YousBSN Sorry my english,hope you got it, but did I got it?- is your article handling those types?

randofo12 days ago

Do you mean the brushless motors? I have purposely decided to only cover brushed DC motors in this course.

BjarneS1 (author)  randofo12 days ago

Jes- correct- i don't remember the proper name for it in english-i'ts the same in danish-but in danish words. i'm looking forward to yourcourse- i have constructed/ buildelektronics since my childhood, and havesome eksperience with mecanics as motors, car electric ,and always repaired everything, but I have none theoretical skils ekcept from my lessons in physics at scooltime,but i'm very curios,so push on with theoretical terms. I'm close to a bachelor degree in building construktien an design, so I believe, I can understand the most, and mathematical im OK with most of common knowledge, but Ihavn'yt use anything else but calculated crosover filters and common electronics for i.e. amplifiers- so push on- yours Bjarne

I don't cover those types of motors in this course because they require a different method of control. I might have a future class where I do, but I can't say for certain at this moment.