noob biker needs advise on how to be seen at night

well I ride a 250cc all black bike to work and school every day. at night I'm so worried that ppl don't see me. I've tried reflective type but it just falls off :( if anyone has any ideas on how to be seen please let me know

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abadfart6 years ago
my friend is adding more lights to his bike to look like a light cycle first becaus it will be cool and it will make him more visible
firehorse8 years ago
hey Noob First I want to thank you and congratulate you for trying to make yourself visible. I'm a driver and cyclist and a pedestrian and I worry about hitting invisible cyclists and pedestrians! Look into some hi-visibility gear. The kind that construction/emergency service workers wear. You can get that get at surveyor equipment stores. Your new bike must have lights. If those lights aren't enough, maybe you could retrofit your bike with some more lights. I read somewhere that twin headlights rather than single headlights are more easily recognized by other drivers.
i am mounding extra lights on the highway pegs on my bike for riding on the highway at night
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There is the Uber - cool LED bikers jacket with the indicator LEDS on the back, and this months Make has a jacket with EL wires in it as a speed display on the back !
He did say CC, yes? Lol for most bikers it's kinda like painting a target on your back. Cops: 1 Biker: 0 ;P very cool gizmo though for bicyclists.
seandogue8 years ago
1. Sew reflective tape onto your riding jacket. 2. As mentioned, turn on your lights 3. there are a bunch of LED circuit Instructables... 4. a dollar store battery powered Christmas light set... 5. Look for battery operated, spoke-mounted "vanity" lights at Walmart, Kmart, or a bike store (Yes, they're made for kids, but for the clever, that's never been an issue...) 6. Check the bicycle section here at Instructables. There are a whole lot of great visibility ideas.
Kiteman8 years ago
Have you tried turning your lights on?
lemonie8 years ago
I see quite a few people on bikes wearing high-visibility jackets, or for a lighter cheaper option a high-vis vest
They work.