not enough overlap on the side of the pocket. ?

I made a mistake and didn't over lap the sides of the pocket enough so my stitches didn't catch the fabric. I didn't realize this until I had gone on the the next step and stitched the sides of the bag together. Instead of tearing the whole thing apart, I ran a small zigzag stitch on the side of the strap to fix the pocket down. Is that an appropriate improvisation? I realize the correct thing to do would have been to rip out all of my stitching but that sounds very frustrating and time consuming.

Picture of not enough overlap on the side of the pocket. ?
MikaelaHolmes9 months ago

Hi! I'm having a bit of trouble telling what this looks like from the photo, but it sounds like a reasonable fix. My only concern would be that if you are only catching a little bit of the pocket with the zigzag that the stitches might eventually tear out of the fabric. Zigzagging down raw edges of fabric is ok when it is for decorative applique, but not as good when it is going to be under any tension like it will be in the pocket. I might suggest sewing another line of just straight stitches about 1/4" into the pocket from the zigzagged edge to re-enforce it. But yeah, a lot of the time when you are sewing you need to improvise to fix mistakes, and I think you made a good choice! Of course taking out the stitches would be the "right" thing to do, but sometimes it just takes too long! :)

DanielleM105 (author)  MikaelaHolmes9 months ago
Thanks! That's was a concern. I too was wondering if it would be strong enough . I probably will add another row as you suggested.