ny city. my room so cold. heat is small. and other room is 70degrees.mine is around 65. pls help?

Spint8 years ago
If there is a gap under your door shove a towel into it.
randomhat8 years ago
If you have a raised bed, put something under your boxspring mattress. Idealy, put cardboard under your boxspring, and get a mattress cover(its like a ziplock bag for your mattress) for both your boxspring and your mattress. This prevents drafts from rising thru your mattress and chilling you at night. Using a sleeping bag, at least as a makeshift blanket, will make your nights much warmer. Also, if your bed is against the wall, put a body pillow between you and the wall. One of those long tube pillows works well. If you don't want to block out your windows entirely, at least get a heavy fabric for a panel curtain. It doesn't matter how much a window is insulated or double paned or whatever, if it's cold outside, your window will be an iceblock directly into the room. If you want to raise the heat in a room from an actual heat source, the simpliest thing to do I find, and as stupid as it sounds, is to get a lamp and close the door. A lava lamp works really well, but so does a student lamp with a 'traditional' bulb, or a halogen bulb. It's not green, but it puts off heat like you wouldn't believe. And something a friend of mine has done is to get a tall glass vase of water and put an aqarium heater in it. Raises the humidity in that room something aweful actually. If the room or apartment is already more humid than you'd like, put a dehumidifier into the apartment. If your apartment has a heating cycle, where the temperature goes cold and then warm(like with radiators or if your turn off the heat when you go out), the moisture in the apartment will zap the heat in the warm-up process, and will quickly reduce the heat in the cooling-stage.
The humidity from a pot of hot water will make your room feel warmer, and its heat will actually warm the room slightly.

If you want to save some money on heating (or if you live in an apartment, shut off your heat entirely), get an arctic sleeping bag. While I haven't used one of the $72 models shown there, I have used an ancient down-filled US Army model. It gets very toasty when you're wrapped up tightly.

While you're focused on getting the room warmer, please don't forget about the dangers of fire and carbon monoxide.
ChrysN8 years ago
You can put a fan by the heater to move the warmer air into the cooler room.
There are also a number of ideas to stay warm here.