ok im really into this guy but all he wants to do his make out with me what should i do

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ANTQNUT8 years ago
I think you should tell him what you think and what you'd like to do instead. And if he doesn't listen try and avoid him and then he'll get the message that he's not going to get what he wants. Good luck!
Capt. Howdy8 years ago
Mention marriage and kids and see how often he wants to make out after that.
Phil B8 years ago
This is why some cultures insist on a chaperone to go along on the date. A good solution, if you are willing to use it, is to tell anyone who wants to date you that you and your father have a very special relationship agreement. Any guy who wants to date you must first ask your father's permission. Those who are decent guys will not mind. Those who are flakes will run. Fathers can perceive things about a guy that gals will not realize until they have gone through a lot of tragedy and pain with that guy. Also, although you are infatuated with this guy, ask yourself objectively if he is really a good choice for you. Then act on what your brain tells you, not on what makes your heart skip beats.
What does this guy do that makes you really like him? Has he stopped doing that? Have you told him (bluntly, not just with hinting) what you would like to do together instead?
Prfesser8 years ago
At a certain age, many guys are very, very interested in making out. Some are interested in little else. For me that phase lasted from age 14 to around the fall of 2020. That being said, there's more to a good relationship than making out, and if the guy doesn't want to do anything else, let him down gently, then find a guy who is interested in YOU, and not just in certain parts of you. Prfesser
Berkin8 years ago
Tell him you are not ready for such things yet, and to broaden his horizons.