ok;do you know how to make a useable and working round boat,like the ones you see old trappers use?????

i need a working round boat like the old trappers and some indians and europeans used and still in use today.like the reed boat or one covered in hides[but can use more modern materials]i need this in the easiest way to build-diy-.something in the survial ares where you don't have much in the way of materials or time.can anyone help? thankyou

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Burf7 years ago
Yep, my Grandpa made one for fishing. He made his from a heavy-duty canvas fabric with straps that would buckle around an old tractor inner tube.

lemonie7 years ago
johnblackhorse (author)  lemonie7 years ago
hello;this is as close as i've come to what i'm thinking of,so far -i'm so glad i found this site with such wonderful minds full of ideas.thankyou so much
It's nice to get a good question, that says what it means and you can give a good answer to it.
If you're full of ideas and fancy a go, recent questions appear here:


There's always this truly brilliant hack of a papasan chair.
hello;you've gave me a very good way to make one-except if i was not around any machanery or had the hand tools than yours would need some modifacations,other than that a great idea and will put yours in my favs-will also look at your other things,keep up the good work,need more like you,will try all ideas until i find what i'm looking for,once again thanks a bunch
Thanks very much, and good luck!