old discharged electric wheelchair batteries

My paralyzed wife passed away in 5/2007 and her 2 electric wheelcairs that are no longer in use have thouroly dead batteries. I don't know what kind they are other then they are a sealed unit. I want to sell them but can't with dead batteries. Can they be brought back to life? The on board chargers don't seem to do anything.

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blkhawk5 years ago
I believe that you are better off taking those dead batteries to a recycling center and buying a new pair. Some stores that specialize in batteries will give you a small refund towards new batteries, for bringing the dead batteries to them for recycling
Vyger5 years ago
I had a similar question to this just a short time ago.


I bought a little desulfator unit on e bay and have had it running to see if it could make a difference. With the battery pictured, it didn't work. After more than 2 months it still would not take anything close to a full charge. It did take a very small charge but the voltage stayed around 10 volts which indicates that it has a shorted cell. I have a second one that I am going to try but don't have high hopes for. Right now the desulfator is hammering away on another battery that does show 12 volts and does hold a little charge. It was almost dead when I pulled it out of my pickup. It could crank it a few times and that was it. So its sitting on this desulfator as an experiment to see if it will make it better. So far I can't tell. So I haven't figured out if its a scam or if it actually works. Its a test in progress.
You can read up on it in the links in my question or just Google "desulfators"

As far as selling the units you have you might buy one battery so you can demonstrate that the chairs work and sell one with and one with out. Charge extra for the one with the new battery or give a "discount" for the one with the dead battery. Don't throw the battery's out though because often now they charge a "core" charge for a new one, meaning you get credit back on the old one when you swap it.
Re-design5 years ago
Probably not. Discharged since 2007 is a long time. The on board charger is probably not setup for heavy-duty charging. There should have been a separate heavy duty charger.
They're going to have sulphated over 4 1/2 years/
After so long, no, they are beyond repair.