old kodak bellows 6-20 iii converted to digital?

i have a late 1930's kodak junior 6-20 series iii and i think it would be neato-keeno to install a digital system in the film folder so i could take digital pictures with an antique camera

paganwonder7 years ago
Tinker with it until you work it out- create instructable- get inducted to steampunk hall of fame- meet girls.

Looking forward to the 'ible!
I think you need to add an extra lens or two to squeeze enough field onto a CCD. It could be done though, if you have the room
lemonie7 years ago
Yes it would be neat (I bought a box-Brownie last week), But the CCD of a digital camera is small, the film folder is large. You could mount the CCD very near the lens, but will this be possible given the board it's mounted on? This is what I'm thinking about...