on August 16 the featured item was a tetrahedron interlocking sculpture of paper. Where can I find the steps for this?

The maker of the video spoke with an accent, possible Swedish. It was made of half squares of colored paper, each folded and made into an edge of a tetrahedron.

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reby (author) 8 years ago
On one of the "related" places, I finally spotted what I wanted. I started to download the video, then stupid me, I discovered I had already downloaded both of them way back on August 16, the day I first spotted it! So I am already to go, and am going to try it with heavy paper.
reby (author) 8 years ago
Thanks, Kiteman, but it was simpler thing, just the four edges of each tetra hedron, and everything interlocked with everything else. But the frabjous is certainly worth trying, after I get at least some experience.
seandogue8 years ago
If it is the one that was a reconfigurable lamp, I'd search using "lamp"
Kiteman8 years ago
I think you probably mean a Frabjous.