on a flyback transformer, what pins are used to supply power to the transformer?

its a flyback transformer from an old tv. made by samsung, i know the red cord from the top is high volt out. but what are the pins to put power in? and where is the nagative out?

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AndyGadget8 years ago
There's a method of doing this HERE. I've used it and it seems to work.
robsdoin8 years ago
like i was told if you cant work it out for yourself (eg. use a multimeter and batt for testing) dont attempt the project. DONT BUILD IT IF U DONT UNDERSTAND HOW IT WORKS
jshpps (author)  robsdoin8 years ago
wow thats not helpfull at all. thats the point of doing stuff like this is to learn about it, and besides i dont mess with high volts and wattage unless i have the proper tools and safety equipment to do so. low volts and wattage ill play with been like that for bout 13 years now and im still alive.
So, jshpps, I completely understand your frustration. This is definitely not the kind of project that someone should do as a first project, but that doesn't preclude you from learning about them!
I agree. The whole point of Instructables is to inform other users of potential dangers/benefits that most projects have. We are all here to learn. Pinouts are not something that can easily be determined on ones own. I'm still trying to find resources on how to connect mine. And NO ONE seems to be able to help me on this. I can understand with the number of flyback transformer manufacturers on the market, but a little background would be helpful.

robsdoin: Perhaps you could elaborate on how to test one out using a multimeter and a bettery?