on you dancing lights, doe it go through a computer?

I would like to control christmas light out side that would dance to music.

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As Kiteman said, it depends. Do you want to make them blink to your music, or do you want them to be turn off and on with a computer?

Sorry, I didn't read your question, only the title. I followed this 'ible(link below) to make mine do dance to music. Also, I used a different relay(link below)to make this.

Link to the Christmas light 'ible:

Link to the relay you should buy instead of the one required in the 'ible:
donphipps (author)  joespicnictables6 years ago
I looked at the first link, but is it pluged into a usb port
donphipps (author)  joespicnictables6 years ago
like to run it through the compute with the computer providing the music
Kiteman6 years ago
Yes, and no.

It depends how you want to do it.

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