ornithopter crank does not rotate (rubber band model that i'm building)

when i wind up the rubber band , the crank is pulled back too tightly against the bearing and the connecting sticks refuse to budge due to friction and the wings don't flap.is there a better non friction way to do this?i mean, if the rubber band pulls the crank back through the hook, there's bound to be friction. how do i solve this? please help.

What have you used for bearings ! I'd get some K+S brass tube and make little sleeve bearings.
promit.net (author)  steveastrouk8 years ago
it appears that the ball point pen refill was not good enough as a bearing when i used a small length of it....now i've partially solved the problem by using beads(i made ones of right sizes by melting holes through plastic airgun bullets).Thanks anyway.Much appreciated