our dog urinated on our mattress. how do i clean it as it has alredy dried.?

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E_RIC5 years ago
Pure lavender oil will neutralize the smell..
lemonie5 years ago
Mattresses are very hard to clean thoroughly. Turn it over.

Libahunt5 years ago
How big and deep is the stain? If the actually better clean methods suggested by others seem too expensive then on smaller spot you could try soda (baking soda is cheap where I live, I've heard there is something named washing soda in US, sounds cheap).

I managed to clean my matress to a level satisfactory for me after a cat did the same. I got to it soon after but it should be water soluble so not so much worse afterwards.

Make that spot wet, pour a layer of soda on it and let it soak up the moisture for a while. Gather the soda and repeat til smell has gone. Last time(s) you can let the soda dry off on there but probably it doesn't make much difference. I got my matress smell free, though at close inspection the stain or actually the part that i made wet in the process might be discovered on white fabric.
rickharris5 years ago
I find the best answer is to put the dog through the shower. Make sure you have a big towel ready after.

Ah! You meant the mattress!
Go to your local pet smart and get a bottle of Petzyme, this product will break down and eliminate that spot,also works on stains of the human kind.

Good Luck

canucksgirl5 years ago
Oy... Your best bet is to rent a steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment and use a cleaner intended for "pet accidents" and follow up with some vinegar for the rinse to neutralize odors (and hopefully prevent it from happening again). The trouble with stains like this, is they won't come out 100%, especially if they soaked through and into the spring area, so do your best anyways. Then ensure that it gets fully dried. You might want to put a fan or a heater by the mattress to speed up drying if there is still a lot of moisture after steam cleaning. Then I would suggest covering the mattress with a water-resistant mattress cover. Not only will that give you a little more peace of mind, but it'll help in case it happens again.