outgoing hearing problem ...

I have a new Nokia 6300 phone and whenever I make an outgoing call the person Im calling cant hear me although I can hear them.

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lemonie5 years ago
Go back to the place you bought it and tell them that.

Kiteman5 years ago
Obvious point - are you holding it correctly?

You may not have the microphone close enough to your face, or you may be holding it with a finger or thumb covering the mic?
Vyger5 years ago
Is the mute on?
If it is new there should be some type of warranty or tech support for it. I would try that first.
thegeeke Vyger5 years ago
Libahunt5 years ago
Try it with handsfree - if it works, then the problem might be in microphone.

Otherwise it's worse. I managed to break my phone in a way that outgoing sound was instable no matter what microphone was in use.

If it only affects outgoing and not incoming calls then it's also some software or finer (than mic) harware problem.

And as Vyger said - warranty first, if it has one. Though knowing all symptoms of the problem entirely might save you some time there.