painting a bmx?

hey, my friend just sold me a bmx frame to me for a good price, but the paint is old and its rusty. I sort of have an idea of how to paint it; sand it, wash it, dry it, prime it, then paint it. however, that's just my guess as to how it would be done. camn anyone suggest some things that i should or should not do? thanks.

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kevinhannan6 years ago
Given that it's a bmx and liable to hard wear, I'd be using a product like Hammerite paint. It cures any existing rust spots and is easy to apply with a brush although a spray version is also available. There's a number of cool colours, too. What's even better is that as you chip the paint, you will have some left over to touch up as you go along without repainting the whole thing.
dazmack6 years ago
>You should probably having it baked in an oven to prevent future chipping and flaking. Try asking you local car body sprayer to see if they can help :)
caarntedd6 years ago
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The only information i can give you is that when you wash it off use a powerful hose nozzle and don't let it be wet for too long because that could ruin the frame. If it is very hot were you live you may not have to use a towel, just leave it in the sunlight and let the sun do the work for you.
the poodleo (author)  connoboarder6 years ago
opk, thanks. oh, and id also like to know; would modeling spraypaint work? ve used t on other parts with good results.
Yes, I and pretty sure it would work but the only thing is that when you fall or if you leave it out in rain and the other elements it will probably chip it a bit. Just something to add, I am not sure if this would work and you should do research before you would try this, but I think if you spray it with silicone spray that would help it resist the weather.