picaxe code?

Sorry Rickharis for again asking a picaxe question but here it is.
give me a simple program to make a simple dice with a picaxe

Bot13985 years ago
' ****** Dice using random command *****

low 0 ' make LED pins outputs
low 1
low 2
low 4

let pins=0 ' switch all LEDs off
random w0 ' get a random number
if input3 is on then makenumber ' test switch
goto main

if b1>210 then showsix ' test random number and jump
if b1>168 then showfive
if b1>126 then showfour
if b1>84 then showthree
if b1>42 then showtwo

let pins=4 ' show LEDs for 1
wait 2
goto main

let pins=16 ' show LEDs for 2
wait 2
goto main

let pins=20 ' show LEDs for 3
wait 2
goto main

let pins=18 ' show LEDs for 4
wait 2
goto main

let pins=22 ' show LEDs for 5
wait 2
goto main

let pins=19 ' show LEDs for 6
wait 2
goto main