pixel squares showing up on the screen?

I built a projector using an old carousel slide projector and used a MP3 player for my LCD screen. It works Ok except that when I focus the picture the Squares from the LCD screen are really noticable.
Is there any way to make these disappear or, at least to minimize them so they aren't as noticeable.

Picture of pixel squares showing up on the screen?
jeff-o7 years ago
There's not much you can do.  With a screen resolution of only a few hundred pixels in each direction, enlarging them like this will surely make them visible.  It's just like looking at the pixels with a magnifying glass.
lemonie7 years ago
You could "soft-focus" them, but that's probably no better to look at.
Totally-theorey - vibrate the LCD to cover the the borders, such as mounting it on speakers.

Re-design7 years ago
The problem is that when the screen was an mp3 player the pixels were so small that you couldn't see them.

Now you are enlarging the 10 times or more and they are very large.  The only way to make the smaller is to get a higher resolution screen and project thru that.
You *may* be able to reduce how objectionable this is by using a "dejaggied" font... but screen resolution is screen resolution; to make the pixels smaller, your choices are less magnification or higher-resolution display hardware.